Friday, January 30, 2009

Bella Swan Tutorial

Hey, I have filmed and edited my Twilight Tutorial Series for Bella Swan's Hair and Makeup finally yay! I'm uploading the hair tutorial right now as I type (might not work as my internet is slow right now) but I wont be uploading the makeup tutorial till tomorrow as more people will see them if I upload them at different times =). This is just a really neutral look that anyone can wear to school or on a casual day. The key to this look is to basically emphasize the natural beauty of your features, focusing more on what god gave you and less on the makeup. Anyways it always takes a lot of effort (for me at least) to make tutorials mainly because of editing, as I like to put on a voice over and either a plane comes past or my cat starts singing all the time LOL. I think that I may have a break before I try another Twilight Tutorial (unless you beg me hehe) and when I do get around to it I'm thinking I might just talk use through it the old fashioned way, as I do it! HAHAHA. Here are some 
pictures =)

In other news I had an awesome Australia Day and I thank everyone so much for all their lovely comments on my Australia Day video. I did a green and gold makeup look in tribute to the day and I'll be posting those photo's up soon =).

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