Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Australia Day & MAC E/S

Its Australia day this Monday so I'm either going to be at the foreshore watching the fireworks or slothing at 
the beach like the aussie beach bum I am lol. Anyways I hope you enjoys my video =)

In other news...

Ok, ok I know I said that I wasn't going to get Girlie but I failed and caved it lol. But to be fare after I bought this eyeshadow I compared it to the eyeshadow I was intending to use for my Bella Swan look and really its not even close. I hate how pictures on the internet don't look the same in real life, thats why I prefer going to the MAC store first to check them out. Like some of the mineralized skin finishes that I was eyeing up had way too much glitter in it, so I dodge a bullet there. I'm really sorry that lately every one of my post have had a twilight reference lately, I need help, no stuff that I need Edward haha


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