Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Face Cleansing Routine

Hey world I'm currently editing a face cleansing routine video for youtube so it will probably be up by tomorrow. Anyways I better update this blog now otherwise I'll just get too impatient tomorrow and wont get around to it LOL.

So here are the products I use and in step form just for your guys =)

Step 1. Cleanse my face with proactiv solution
Step 2. Tone my face with proactiv and cotton wool ball
Step 3. After my face is dry I apply my proactiv repair lotion
Step 4. Moisturize, I recommend cliniques dramatically different lotion or gel
Step 5. I apply skinvitals eye brightener underneath eyes
Step 6. Spray MAC's Fix+ this product has made a huge difference with my face. No kidding, I have had only one pimple pop up since I started using it a few months back now.
*The End?*

If I'm going to apply makeup straight after prepping my face then I need one extra step.
Step 7. Apply Primer, I'm using face of australia primer atm but was using australis before.
These are pretty good drug store bought primers but what I really recommend is Napoleon Perdis's Auto Pilot Face Primer. I've run out of mine and am a bit too broke atm =(. The reason why I stopped using the australis one is because I think it smells and looks like paste glue, you know the one they have in kindergarden? hahahahaha.
I go into more detail about the products in my video so please check that out when I upload it.

Finally me being the camera whore I am hahaha. I might use this as a farewell picture with text in that empty space saying "Thanks for watching =)" hahaha

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