Friday, January 30, 2009

Oz Day Makeup & Randomness

Just an update to say that I'm really sorry that my Bella Swan Tutorial video's aren't up yet, my network is doing some maintenance so my internet is being super slow =(. Last week from saturday night to tuesday I was completely offline grrr but its not as worse when I was offline for 2 whole weeks. I'v had the internet since I was 12 so I'm addicted LOL. Oh wait it did just upload but stupid youtube took the sound off so I had to delete it grrr this is the second time they have done this to me. Its not like anyone can copy it coz I have a voice over the top of the low music, I'm really angry right now, shouldn't they be focusing on taking off all the naked movie scenes that sometime people put up (Yes I've seen them lol)? I'll try to upload it again in time.

I said that I would post some pics on my Aussie Day tribute green and gold makeup so here they are

If anyone is curious I used my MAC paint pot in Bare Study for a base and two Inglot eyeshadows, sorry I forgot the names.

OMG! I watched Step Brothers last night... what can I say? I freaking loved it!!!!!! I haven't laughed this hard at Will Ferrell since A Night At The Roxbury. But now I definitely prefer Step Brothers even though I still really love Roxbury. I seriously laughed so hard I started crying people! They remind me so much of my brother when he was 16, he even sleep walks and says really weird things in his sleep like they did in the movie hahahahahahahaha 

Anyways when/if my tutorials get uploaded I'll post it up on here =).
Lataz <3


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