Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tagged My Top 5 Fav Movies

Hey, so I was Tagged for my Top 5 Favourite Movies, yay I like tags =). Anyways some of you might know already that I have already done a video for my top 5 movies and books so this wont be very new. I don't mind doing this again because I'm a big movie buff (story buff really) and since that last video I have made some changes to my top 5.

So here is my top 5 from first to last ^_^
All time favourite movie is 'Pride and Prejudice' (this is also my most fav novel) 2005

My second favourite movie is 'Twilight' 2008. I have to admit though that I probably wouldn't have enjoyed this movie as much if I hadn't read the books as I think there are a few things in the movie that virgin twilighters wouldn't understand or pick up on.

My third Fav is 'Practical Magic' 1998
My Fourth is 'Ever After' 1998

and my final firth fav is 'The Lion King' 1994. I'm a big disney buff so don't get surprised if I have a few disney favs hahahaha

So on my video I mention some other movies I really like and some of them include, my fair lady, gone with the wind, mulan, chocolat, Interview with the vampire...

Next post will be an update of my recent youtube video's


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  1. OMG i love the movie "Pride & Prejudice"