Thursday, January 22, 2009

Youtube GRRRRRR }:[

Ok I'm pretty annoyed at the moment as youtube is being a poop head and is taking ages to process my video grrrrrr. I really wanted to wait till it was uploaded fully before I made any post here so I could post the video of course. If anyone is wondering the upload I'm waiting for is a random 51 things around my home video. I had sooooo much fun making this haha.
Anyways sorry about this really boring post I just had to vent my frustration grrr. In my boredom waiting for youtube I took another Twilight quiz and I got Bella again yay =). I know everyone wants to be Bella but seriously Bella and I are very much alike its not funny... e.g we are both clumsy, a little socially constipated, we are both born in 1987, we both love reading classic literature, we both are shocking at sport, we are more mature then normal people our age, we have strained relationship with our Fathers, our parent are divorced, we both don't mind being alone (before Edward was in the picture). OMG I betta stop sorry I kinda got out of control there, I seriously can't help it though, I'm just so in love with the stories and its character. Anyways I betta go check to see if my vid has been completed yet.

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