Thursday, February 26, 2009

MAC Hello Kitty

My Twilight iPhone

Hi just posting my Twilight Pimped-Out iPhone video 
and some photo's. I've had this theme since November 
and I'm still not sick of it. Checkout my video to listen 
to some Twilight ringtones too. You can do this by jail 
breaking your iPhone. However I do not know how to 
do this as my husband did it for me. Follow Edward's 
advice and Google it =)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lush Haul Video

Lush Haul yay! check it out. Also I show my free Napoleon Perdis Lipgloss and my new hair =)

Clean Out

Hi I just did a clean out of all my old lip products and here is what I am now left with, I think I may have some more lip balms lying around the house here and there but you get the idea. Just thought I would take a pic & share with everyone. Goodnight xoxo

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

New Hair

I had a long relaxing day at the salon today, I feel so much better about my hair now. It had gotten so long that it started to remind me of my shocking high school days hair when I couldn't afford a hairdresser. My hair looks almost black here because of the lighting. I stuck to a dark brown and got some peekaboo highlights around the top of my head which I'm loving to bits. She gave me a 25% discount which was awesome!
Here I am separating my hair so you can seen my peekaboo's, hehe I love that term.

I'm just uploading 2 video's right now to my computer that I managed to get done earlier today after the salon. One is a Lush Haul and another is a TAG so keep your eyes peeled for those.

I'm sorry this is quite a short blog, I'm not feeling my best today. I think I maybe coming down with the flu which wouldn't surprise me since I haven't gotten the flu or even a mild cold for about a year (really weird for me as I'm always getting sick LOL). Its just one of those things that are bound to come around =( haha that rhymed & I had not intention to do that. Hope everyone is sane and safe (haha I wanted to say something different this time)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Getting My Hair Done Yay! its been 8 weeks grr

Just a quick update post. I have been in desperate need for a colour and hair cut so I have made an appointment on Tuesday with a hairdressers that use to be called Global but has since changed to something that starts with an 'E'? LOL. I've heard really good things about this salon so I can't wait =), plus its really close to Garden City which is where the Lush store is, so I'll be getting some more stuff yay.

I'm planning on keeping the same sort of hair style I had last time only with a shorter fringe and well, just shorter all round as its super long which I'm hating atm. I still want to stick to dark browns for my hair and I also want some blonde peekaboo highlights. For colour I usually just go into a salon and ask to see their colours as I find it too hard trying to find colours I actually like in magazines. It will most likely be too dark outside after I get out of the salon to film anything, so I'll take some pictures and post it here for you all. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What I'm using Product List

Shampoo: TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Shampoo

Conditioner: TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Conditioner

Styling products: Quite a few but here are two of my favs Nak Surf Styler & Avon Anti Frizz Serum

Shower Gel: Lush Joy of Jelly Shower Jelly (I freakin love this stuff)

Body moisturizer: Seacret Cucumber & Melon Body Lotion

Deodorant: Rexona Women Sport

Fake Tan: Sugar Baby Sun Tanned Sweeties

Cleanser: Proactiv

Eye Make up Remover: I'm fresh out atm (grr such a pain waterproof liner) I'm going to The Body Shop to restock soon

Exfoliator: Lush Buffy Body Butter (omg this is brilliant!!!!!!)

Primer: Face of Australia but my fav is Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot however I'm too broke to re-buy it

Foundation: Sheer Cover in Medium

Foundation Brush: MAC 182 Buffer Brush (this is so freakin soft and dense, I'm in love with this brush!)

Concealer: MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW20, its awesome for a blemishes but horrible for under the eyes, I'm dying to try the MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer when it comes out down here.

Powder: Sheer Cover Finishing Powder


Bronzer: Sugar Baby Glow Getter

Highlighter: Still trying to find one I like grrr

EyeShadow Base: Too Faced Shadow Insurance

EyeShadows: MAC, NP, Origins are the main ones I use

Eyeliner: MAC Powerpoint in Engraved

Eyelash Curler: Don't need one =) jealous much? hehehe (evil laugh)

Eyelash Base: Don't have one yet

Mascara: MAC Plushlash but I want to try Too Faced Lash Injection

Lipstick: Benefit Silky-Finish Lipstick in Good-to-Go

Lipgloss: Gee thats really hard as I love so many lip glosses umm... Benefit Her Glossiness in Didn't Hear it From Me is my fav atm

Nail Colour: O.P.I in Dating a Royal

Yay that was fun =)

Twilight Tutorial - Alice Cullen Video

Yay here it is =) enjoy!

2 down 4 more character's to go, I think I'm going to try doing Rosalie's next week

Real Twilight Movie Makeup for Alice Cullen

The image above is an actual makeup draft for Alice in Twilight

In my latest video 'Twilight Tutorial - Alice Cullen' I mentioned that I would be posting the products use on Ashley Greene for Alice. Well this is it, enjoy =)

Face -
Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Crea SPF 55P+++
MAC Blot Power/Pressed in Light

Eyes -
Smashbox Lip & Lid Primer
MAC Bisque
MAC Wedge
MAC Swiss Chocolate (apply Bisque all over the eyelid and then half Wedge and half Swiss Chocolate lightly to the crease)
Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner in Dark Brown (apply a thin line on the top lash line, close to the eyelashes and a thin line close to the lashes on the bottom, slightly meeting at the corners from top to bottom. Do this in a slight cat eye shape)
Smashbox Limitless Lash Mascara in Black

Brows -
MAC Mystery (Eyeshadow) (use an angled brush to apply, this colour doesn't work for everyone as an eyebrow filler)

Lips -
Benefit Silky-Finish Lipstick in Ms. Behavin (only apply a small amount)
Noriko Cranberry Lip Balm (apply this over the top of the lipstick)

I got this information from the makeup411 website which was linked from the official interview article with Jeanne Van Phueon on the Makeup Artist Magazine website here

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Haul/Nail Verdict

Haulage is knowledge as quoted by the gorgeous youtuber guru MelForMakeup.

Yesterday I took a much needed trip to the Lush store after hearing so many good things about their products, and I must say I am totally addicted now. The products they have are amazing!!! & a lot of them look really funky and have really cool names like 'Honey I Washed the Kids' (aka Honey I Shrunk the Kids movie LOL). I only picked up two things because I'm really broke and need to get my hair done desperately, grrrr re-growth. The two things I decided to narrow it down to were the widely popular Buffy exfoliant soap which smells divine and The Joy of Jelly Shower Jelly (yes it really is Jelly but I wouldn't recommend consuming it hehe). I have to admit I bought that one just because its jelly hahaha.

Today after my doctors appointment I went down to the mall and got a few other cheapies. A blush from Face of Australia (I actually picked up the wrong one grr, but its still pretty, a BeBe eyeliner in dark brown (As I haven't had a dark brown liner since my early teens), and very full dramatic lashes by Manicare.
Some of you may know that I was super excited about going to Borders store to check out the Twilight merchandise. Well, I went there and everything was sold out except for a few Twilight Key Rings and maybe some posters. The lady said that they should be restocking some more merchandise in a few more weeks. If anyone is interested the only key rings left was the one I bought in the picture above, a Bella one and a Team Jacob one (Go figures haha nah I love Jacob). Next time I'm going to call to make sure what's there before I get my excitement squashed again ='(.
I haven't yet put the key ring on though as I still have my fake nails on, well some of them.

Just a quick review of what I thought of my DIY fake nails... they looked great and were pretty sturdy, however I'm a hands on kind of person so I lost at least one nail each day. It wasn't much of a hassle though because I kept my extra nails and glue in my bag and it took only two seconds to reapply. I could even do it in the car and thats really saying something considering my frequent clumsiness LOL. Also some nails split in half.

Over all cons of this product -
1. Fall off if your not careful
2. Spilts
3. Only good for one use as you end up using all the spares to reapply nails :\
4. Damages my natural nails underneath (I was expecting it though)
5. Not good for everyday wear

Over all Pros of this product -
1. Looks really classy
2. Really easy and quick to apply
3. Excellent for special occasions
4. Looks professional but doesn't come with the expensive price tag
5. Even though it still damages your nails it doesn't damage them as much as the professional acrylic's do

So yeah, my overall thought is that its worth it for a one off occasion like an anniversary or prom, but I wouldn't recommend it for an everyday look as its such a hassle making sure you don't break one lol 
Camera whore me saying have a great day/night =P hehehe

Love Jodie

Friday, February 13, 2009

I'm Sorry

I bet your asking what's with the broken heart? Well in my previous post I mentioned that I might be doing a very late Valentines Day look but surprisingly it rained last night and its been really cloudy all day. Since I rely on natural sun light for my video's I simply could not make this tutorial ='(. I'm super sorry to everyone who was looking forward to this. Oh and on another note if anyone has any requests please let me know in advance and not on the day before you want it lol.

Tomorrow I will be stopping into Borders and getting some Twilight merchandise yay! I'm super excited, I absolutely love the Borders store, its better then chocolate hahaha

Catch use all later

Love Jodie xoxo

Nails & Valentines Day Look?

So here are the pics of my fake nails. I had to cut off all my nails before gluing them on, I very rarely have no nails and it felt so strange like I was missing a limb hahaha. They glued on easily and I think they look really nice, a lot better then the previous acrylics I had a while back. The brand I used is called Fing'rs Simply Natural and its in pink. I bought these from Coles supermarket for something like $14 which includes 24 nails, glue, nail file, manual, and press on tab applicators (basically stickers for the back of the nails if you just want them temporarily). On the back it says the wear for these lasts up to 10 days. Bring on Valentines day!

Speaking of Valentines Day, I was asked by a subscriber if I could do a Valentines Day look. I was thinking of doing this before but never got around to it. Even though its probably too late to post a v-day look I'm still going to try lol. I don't even know what sort of look I'm going to be doing, I'm thinking something either sweet and pretty or sexy and classic. I would really like to do a red lip with it though as its proven that red lips drive men crazy, hehe. But if I do red lips then I can't do much with my eyes grrr. Anyways stay turned for that.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, regardless if you have a valentine or not xoxo

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fake Nails & Funny Spoof

Today I bought some DIY fake nails after seeing allthatglitters21's video about them. Since the age of 8 I have always taken very good care of my nails so I've never really had the need for fake ones. I did once get acrylic nails done professionally but I thought they didn't look nice and once they came off I was left with really thin weak nails. I don't think I will ever again get mine done professionally but since its valentines day tomorrow and some of my nails have broken I will try these out. I'll post photo's once they are done.

I'm a big fan of the movie "Night at the Roxbury" and came across this spoof with Jim Carey involved too, its so hilarious check it out.

MAC Studio Sculpt Well-Defined line

Ok, so I was browsing through youtube and found a review on the MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation and Concealer which is part of the Well-Defined line. Australia wont stock it till the 30th of March and I'm super excited about it. I'm particularly eyeing up the concealer as I'm looking for a good full coverage concealer that doesn't look cakie around the eyes like my Studio Fix does. I still love my studio fix concealer but for under eyes its just too hard to work with. The concealer comes in a container like the MAC paint pots which is so cute, but not too good if your clumsy as its glass lol. Here are some pictures of the foundation and concealer. You can check out this line at the MAC US website here

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blog stuff I keep forgetting to say

Just a really quick post to say that if any of you have tried to comment on any of my posts and it hasn't worked I'm really sorry. I had no idea anything was wrong but I have verified it now and you should be able to leave your comments =)

Also I have a poll posted on the bottom of the right column asking what video's you would like to see more of from me. So please vote, it only takes a second and I would truly appreciate it ^_^

Monday, February 9, 2009

Bush Fires & Small Cullen Haul

Hey guys first of all before I start rambling on about the usual stuff I would like to take the time to express my shock and sorrow about the South Eastern Bushfires. This is the worst natural disaster in Australian's history. At this point 173 people have died and the death toll is continuing to climb. Many people perished in their efforts of trying to protect their homes or by being scorched to death in their cars in a late decision to flee. It is believed that this was caused by an arsonist. My heart goes out to the victims of this tragedy.

As some of you may know I am planning to continue my Twilight Tutorial videos. I have decided to try my hand at Rosalie, Alice and Esme (possibly Victoria and Jane too). For my Bella tutorial I based the look on the movie as I thought it was pretty dead on to what I saw Bella as in the novels, but for the Cullen women I'm going to be doing my own interpretation. I have found the makeup used on Rosalie and Alice for the movie and I will share that in a later post if anyone is interested.

So I just picked up a few new things, mostly drug store bought and my intentions for these is to used them for my Twilight tutorials. Now I might not be using all of these as I have to see how they turn out first. I thought about going to MAC and getting some eyeshadows but then I decided against it as the kind of shades I have in mind for the Cullen women aren't colours I can wear very often, so I figured its better to go for a cheaper option for now.

Here are the products
  • Benefit Silky-Finish Lipstick in Ms. Behavin (used on most of the Cullen's in the movie)
  • No7 Eye Quad (Boots Company)
  • BYS Metallic E/S #811 (I dropped it grr so I had to press it)
  • BYS Shimmer Shine Pencil No. 10 Blue Glitter
  • Sugar Baby Cream E/S in Peak
  • Face of Australia Divine Shine Lip Lacquer in Cosmic Rush. This one isn't in the photo as I forgot about it Lol! Its basically a really pretty deep red lipgloss with a gold undertone.
Just a quick update for my previous post about MAC's Hello Kitty Collection, I went to my local MAC store and asked the SA about it & she told me that it was coming to their store on the 16th of March. On the AUS MAC website it says that it is coming out in February but I think thats just the online store. On the bright side at least I have more time to save up my money LOL.

I hope everyone has an awesome week ^_^ xoxo

Friday, February 6, 2009

Alice Cullen Necklace

Hey everyone, like so many before me I really wanted an Alice Cullen necklace but I didn't want to pay AUS$45 (not included postage) and a lot of other online companies (most from US) who were selling it for less had a postage of about US$20 to Australia. Now if your buying a few other items then it might be worth it but I wasn't after anything else. Except the "WARNING! I DRIVE LIKE A CULLEN" license plate frames, haha. If your from Australia and want to get some twilight merchandise check out Gifts For The Geek, they also stock the NECCA Alice Cullen Necklace. If your interested in the twilight license plate frames too I have recently emailed the staff at Gifts For The Geek and they have informed me that they will be receiving some in April.

Sorry for babbling just then, I got a little off topic LOL. So anyway I decided to make my own Alice Cullen Choker and here is some photo's of the final result.

This necklace is completely handmade. The crest is actually a stone bead. I hand painted the crest myself with a good quality silver acrylic paint, which took some time as I pay quite a lot of attention to detail in my all artworks. After it dried I painted on a water base varnish (one thats safe for acrylics) to give it a more satin finish and also to help protect the acrylic underneath. I hand sewed on the links and secured the bead/crest on with thread. Lastly I applied a very small amount of clear drying glue to the ends of the ribbons so to prevent major fraying.
I bought all the materials that I used to make this from Spotlight (craft store).

As I thought this turned out quite well I will be making two more in the not so distant future and selling them on ebay. From the top of my head I think I'm going to be sell them for about AUS$25 or AUS$30 each as the first one took me quite a long time, the materials all up were expensive, and I really did put my heart and soul into it. I already have the other materials I need for these necklaces as I bought enough to make three (one for me) and the only difference will be either a pretty bead or small charm added to the end of the link. If you are interested please message me and I'll get back to you once I have completed them and send you the ebay account name I'm going under. If your from the US I can send it to you but I warn that shipping can be quite expensive. I will do the best I can to getting an estimated postage rate for you.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog
Love Jodie

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hard To Curl Tips

After posting my Bella Swan Hair tutorial I got a large response from users asking me if I had any tips or tricks in curling hard to curl hair? I was actually quite happy to get such a response because I honestly thought I was the only one who had such troubles with my hair. I use to scan youtube searching for videos on 'how to curl hard to curl hair' but the only vid's I found were by users with normal hair who only need 4 second to curl each section. Well it sure as hell doesn't take 4 second to curl my hair, more like 60 seconds! hahahahaha. Here are a few tips I have learnt over the years either through others or in my own personal experience. I also posted these on the description box for the video.

#Tip 1
Don't curl your hair on the same day that you wash your hair, the dirtier the hair the easier it will curl
#Tip 2
Leave your curls/curlers in as long as you can, like all day if you can. I only took mine out early because it was getting dark and I wanted good lighting for thevideo
#Tip 3
Use a small curling iron like the second one I used in the video. The smaller ones create tighter curls and don't fall out as fast as the big ones.
#Tip 4
You must use some sort of curling product or hair stray otherwise they will certainly fall out
#Tip 5
Once you hair is styled try your best to not touch your hair as much
#Tip 6
Don't use any other hot tool on your hair in the same day e.g hair straightener, hair dryer.
#Tip 7
If these tips don't work braid/plat your hair in small section all around your head the night before. Take them out right before you start curling your hair, for some reason this makes my hair a lot more easier to curl.

Now I know there are people out there that would kill to have super straight hair like mine and I do feel for you because about 7 years ago I got a perm and it was the worst mistake of my hair life. There is a lot of effort in maintaining curls and I'm quite lazy when it comes to my hair so even though I hate how hard it is to curl it I wouldn't trade it for curls. On second thought maybe just on the days when I want to use a curling iron hahahaha

Love use all

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hair Twilights

Hi everyone (wave), I was asked by my youtube friend Sarah aka SarahsLullaby if I knew the hair colour they used on Kristen to portray Bella. Now I had already read somewhere in my random twilight googling that they used hair pieces for her to save time, but thats all I came across. I dedicated myself further into finding some more information this time but came back almost empty handed. Although I did not find the exact hair colour I did find some information that may help you when explaining the Bella hair you want to your hairstylist, rather then just saying "Dark Brown" LOL. In my googling I came across a blog called Spoiled Pretty and it had a post about the multidimensional hair colours Stuart Gavert (hair colourist for the movie) created for the Twilight characters. This was emailed to the blogger in a newsletter (I presume) from Glamour magazine. Here is the post to this blog and link below.

New Term to Add to Your Hair Dictionary: Twilights
Glamour just sent the following beauty tip to my inbox..

Here's a new term to add to your hair dictionary: twilights.

L.A. celeb colorist Stuart Gavert created the multidimensional hair colors you've see on Kristen Stewart and her co-stars in this winter's vampire flick, Twilight, and now he's coined a new color term after the flick.

Unlike highlights or lowlights, twilights are achieved when very subtle lighter and darker tones are painted in to give the hair a sparkly effect without changing its color.

Rachel Weisz and Eva Longoria Parker are just two A-listers who have already copied the Twilight look. There's no major root-dying, which means it's OK to skimp on color if you need to pay off your Visa bill. Ask your colorist to crib the effect!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Upcoming MAC Haul & FREE LIP GLOSS!

Hey just posting coz I'm a bit bored today. Youtube seems quiet atm, I think everyone must be sleeping under a rock somewhere? LOL. Anyways the MAC Hello Kitty Collection has just been released in the US and I read on the Australian MAC website that its due for release sometime this month. I'm not too sure if I'm super excited about it yet, I guess it depends on how expensive it is hahahaha. I'm also be a bit iffy when it comes to their special collection items as I personally find their permanent line to be of better quality. I have no idea if they skimp on the product to spend more on packaging so please don't take me literarily because it may just be me. However I do know that the brushes that are sometimes included in any special collection are not as good as the permanent brushes. Don't get me wrong they are pretty good brushes especially for travel, but in the end when you compare one of them to the permanent one its based on you can tell the difference.

I'm hoping to stop into MAC next week when I'm in town as I got a $20 gift card from my myerone rewards yay!! I'm unsure what I going to pick up. Here is a few things I'm going to look into.

-Brow Finisher (but I'm not too sure if I want it in colour or clear?)
-Mineralized Finish in Soft and Gentle
-MAC 217 and 187 brushes
-MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
and some other stuff too but I don't want to have to declare bankruptcy LOL

If anyone has used these products please let me know what you think of them =)

I also want to pick up the Benefit Silky-Finish Lipstick in Ms. Behavin for the rest of my Twilight Tutorials. Yay!

In other news I was sent an Email from the Napoleon Perdis Website with a special promotion. If I updated my details I would receive a free Lip Gloss value at $25! If your not a member yet then your can sign up now and get it too. If your thinking what's the con? Well there isn't one, all you have to do is subscribe to the website which is completely free and if you want you can unsubscribe after you get your free gloss with no strings attached =). Trust me you'll be kicking yourself for missing out.
I'll put the link in the Labels bellow =)
luv jodie

Monday, February 2, 2009

Twilight Tutorial - Bella Swan Makeup

Just letting everyone know that my Bella Swan Makeup Look video is now up =)