Friday, February 6, 2009

Alice Cullen Necklace

Hey everyone, like so many before me I really wanted an Alice Cullen necklace but I didn't want to pay AUS$45 (not included postage) and a lot of other online companies (most from US) who were selling it for less had a postage of about US$20 to Australia. Now if your buying a few other items then it might be worth it but I wasn't after anything else. Except the "WARNING! I DRIVE LIKE A CULLEN" license plate frames, haha. If your from Australia and want to get some twilight merchandise check out Gifts For The Geek, they also stock the NECCA Alice Cullen Necklace. If your interested in the twilight license plate frames too I have recently emailed the staff at Gifts For The Geek and they have informed me that they will be receiving some in April.

Sorry for babbling just then, I got a little off topic LOL. So anyway I decided to make my own Alice Cullen Choker and here is some photo's of the final result.

This necklace is completely handmade. The crest is actually a stone bead. I hand painted the crest myself with a good quality silver acrylic paint, which took some time as I pay quite a lot of attention to detail in my all artworks. After it dried I painted on a water base varnish (one thats safe for acrylics) to give it a more satin finish and also to help protect the acrylic underneath. I hand sewed on the links and secured the bead/crest on with thread. Lastly I applied a very small amount of clear drying glue to the ends of the ribbons so to prevent major fraying.
I bought all the materials that I used to make this from Spotlight (craft store).

As I thought this turned out quite well I will be making two more in the not so distant future and selling them on ebay. From the top of my head I think I'm going to be sell them for about AUS$25 or AUS$30 each as the first one took me quite a long time, the materials all up were expensive, and I really did put my heart and soul into it. I already have the other materials I need for these necklaces as I bought enough to make three (one for me) and the only difference will be either a pretty bead or small charm added to the end of the link. If you are interested please message me and I'll get back to you once I have completed them and send you the ebay account name I'm going under. If your from the US I can send it to you but I warn that shipping can be quite expensive. I will do the best I can to getting an estimated postage rate for you.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog
Love Jodie

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