Monday, February 9, 2009

Bush Fires & Small Cullen Haul

Hey guys first of all before I start rambling on about the usual stuff I would like to take the time to express my shock and sorrow about the South Eastern Bushfires. This is the worst natural disaster in Australian's history. At this point 173 people have died and the death toll is continuing to climb. Many people perished in their efforts of trying to protect their homes or by being scorched to death in their cars in a late decision to flee. It is believed that this was caused by an arsonist. My heart goes out to the victims of this tragedy.

As some of you may know I am planning to continue my Twilight Tutorial videos. I have decided to try my hand at Rosalie, Alice and Esme (possibly Victoria and Jane too). For my Bella tutorial I based the look on the movie as I thought it was pretty dead on to what I saw Bella as in the novels, but for the Cullen women I'm going to be doing my own interpretation. I have found the makeup used on Rosalie and Alice for the movie and I will share that in a later post if anyone is interested.

So I just picked up a few new things, mostly drug store bought and my intentions for these is to used them for my Twilight tutorials. Now I might not be using all of these as I have to see how they turn out first. I thought about going to MAC and getting some eyeshadows but then I decided against it as the kind of shades I have in mind for the Cullen women aren't colours I can wear very often, so I figured its better to go for a cheaper option for now.

Here are the products
  • Benefit Silky-Finish Lipstick in Ms. Behavin (used on most of the Cullen's in the movie)
  • No7 Eye Quad (Boots Company)
  • BYS Metallic E/S #811 (I dropped it grr so I had to press it)
  • BYS Shimmer Shine Pencil No. 10 Blue Glitter
  • Sugar Baby Cream E/S in Peak
  • Face of Australia Divine Shine Lip Lacquer in Cosmic Rush. This one isn't in the photo as I forgot about it Lol! Its basically a really pretty deep red lipgloss with a gold undertone.
Just a quick update for my previous post about MAC's Hello Kitty Collection, I went to my local MAC store and asked the SA about it & she told me that it was coming to their store on the 16th of March. On the AUS MAC website it says that it is coming out in February but I think thats just the online store. On the bright side at least I have more time to save up my money LOL.

I hope everyone has an awesome week ^_^ xoxo


  1. Its Jodie & this is just a test comment as my comments weren't working before

  2. It works ;)

    It's really terrible what happen. Saw something about it in the TV today. :(

    Thats a really nice must show us how the Ms. Behavin looks at your lips. =) It's a very interesting color.

    Oh, and I would like to know something about Rosalies and Alices makeup.