Saturday, February 21, 2009

Getting My Hair Done Yay! its been 8 weeks grr

Just a quick update post. I have been in desperate need for a colour and hair cut so I have made an appointment on Tuesday with a hairdressers that use to be called Global but has since changed to something that starts with an 'E'? LOL. I've heard really good things about this salon so I can't wait =), plus its really close to Garden City which is where the Lush store is, so I'll be getting some more stuff yay.

I'm planning on keeping the same sort of hair style I had last time only with a shorter fringe and well, just shorter all round as its super long which I'm hating atm. I still want to stick to dark browns for my hair and I also want some blonde peekaboo highlights. For colour I usually just go into a salon and ask to see their colours as I find it too hard trying to find colours I actually like in magazines. It will most likely be too dark outside after I get out of the salon to film anything, so I'll take some pictures and post it here for you all. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend

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