Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hair Twilights

Hi everyone (wave), I was asked by my youtube friend Sarah aka SarahsLullaby if I knew the hair colour they used on Kristen to portray Bella. Now I had already read somewhere in my random twilight googling that they used hair pieces for her to save time, but thats all I came across. I dedicated myself further into finding some more information this time but came back almost empty handed. Although I did not find the exact hair colour I did find some information that may help you when explaining the Bella hair you want to your hairstylist, rather then just saying "Dark Brown" LOL. In my googling I came across a blog called Spoiled Pretty and it had a post about the multidimensional hair colours Stuart Gavert (hair colourist for the movie) created for the Twilight characters. This was emailed to the blogger in a newsletter (I presume) from Glamour magazine. Here is the post to this blog and link below.

New Term to Add to Your Hair Dictionary: Twilights
Glamour just sent the following beauty tip to my inbox..

Here's a new term to add to your hair dictionary: twilights.

L.A. celeb colorist Stuart Gavert created the multidimensional hair colors you've see on Kristen Stewart and her co-stars in this winter's vampire flick, Twilight, and now he's coined a new color term after the flick.

Unlike highlights or lowlights, twilights are achieved when very subtle lighter and darker tones are painted in to give the hair a sparkly effect without changing its color.

Rachel Weisz and Eva Longoria Parker are just two A-listers who have already copied the Twilight look. There's no major root-dying, which means it's OK to skimp on color if you need to pay off your Visa bill. Ask your colorist to crib the effect!

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