Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Haul/Nail Verdict

Haulage is knowledge as quoted by the gorgeous youtuber guru MelForMakeup.

Yesterday I took a much needed trip to the Lush store after hearing so many good things about their products, and I must say I am totally addicted now. The products they have are amazing!!! & a lot of them look really funky and have really cool names like 'Honey I Washed the Kids' (aka Honey I Shrunk the Kids movie LOL). I only picked up two things because I'm really broke and need to get my hair done desperately, grrrr re-growth. The two things I decided to narrow it down to were the widely popular Buffy exfoliant soap which smells divine and The Joy of Jelly Shower Jelly (yes it really is Jelly but I wouldn't recommend consuming it hehe). I have to admit I bought that one just because its jelly hahaha.

Today after my doctors appointment I went down to the mall and got a few other cheapies. A blush from Face of Australia (I actually picked up the wrong one grr, but its still pretty, a BeBe eyeliner in dark brown (As I haven't had a dark brown liner since my early teens), and very full dramatic lashes by Manicare.
Some of you may know that I was super excited about going to Borders store to check out the Twilight merchandise. Well, I went there and everything was sold out except for a few Twilight Key Rings and maybe some posters. The lady said that they should be restocking some more merchandise in a few more weeks. If anyone is interested the only key rings left was the one I bought in the picture above, a Bella one and a Team Jacob one (Go figures haha nah I love Jacob). Next time I'm going to call to make sure what's there before I get my excitement squashed again ='(.
I haven't yet put the key ring on though as I still have my fake nails on, well some of them.

Just a quick review of what I thought of my DIY fake nails... they looked great and were pretty sturdy, however I'm a hands on kind of person so I lost at least one nail each day. It wasn't much of a hassle though because I kept my extra nails and glue in my bag and it took only two seconds to reapply. I could even do it in the car and thats really saying something considering my frequent clumsiness LOL. Also some nails split in half.

Over all cons of this product -
1. Fall off if your not careful
2. Spilts
3. Only good for one use as you end up using all the spares to reapply nails :\
4. Damages my natural nails underneath (I was expecting it though)
5. Not good for everyday wear

Over all Pros of this product -
1. Looks really classy
2. Really easy and quick to apply
3. Excellent for special occasions
4. Looks professional but doesn't come with the expensive price tag
5. Even though it still damages your nails it doesn't damage them as much as the professional acrylic's do

So yeah, my overall thought is that its worth it for a one off occasion like an anniversary or prom, but I wouldn't recommend it for an everyday look as its such a hassle making sure you don't break one lol 
Camera whore me saying have a great day/night =P hehehe

Love Jodie

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  1. hey jodie!
    nice haulin'!
    i like lush's massage bars!
    youre lucky they actually sell twilight merchandise in shops in australia! in france we have to buy them online! and the shipping is quite expensive!
    you look gorgeous in your photo! as usual!
    you have such beautiful eyes!