Friday, February 13, 2009

Nails & Valentines Day Look?

So here are the pics of my fake nails. I had to cut off all my nails before gluing them on, I very rarely have no nails and it felt so strange like I was missing a limb hahaha. They glued on easily and I think they look really nice, a lot better then the previous acrylics I had a while back. The brand I used is called Fing'rs Simply Natural and its in pink. I bought these from Coles supermarket for something like $14 which includes 24 nails, glue, nail file, manual, and press on tab applicators (basically stickers for the back of the nails if you just want them temporarily). On the back it says the wear for these lasts up to 10 days. Bring on Valentines day!

Speaking of Valentines Day, I was asked by a subscriber if I could do a Valentines Day look. I was thinking of doing this before but never got around to it. Even though its probably too late to post a v-day look I'm still going to try lol. I don't even know what sort of look I'm going to be doing, I'm thinking something either sweet and pretty or sexy and classic. I would really like to do a red lip with it though as its proven that red lips drive men crazy, hehe. But if I do red lips then I can't do much with my eyes grrr. Anyways stay turned for that.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, regardless if you have a valentine or not xoxo

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  1. oh, I just bought some fake nails today too. I am reluctant to put them on because I don't want to cut my real nails...They have the perfect length right now, and I just got some fun spring colors to paint my nails :-)