Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Filming Done - Rosalie Hale

Hello everyone, yep I have filmed my Rosalie Hale makeup tutorial and all that has to be done now is the editing. I had a lot of fun doing this look and even took some pictures to use on my facebook. I have taken some pictures but I wont be posting them till I am closer to uploading the video which should be soon. I have however left use with a picture of my inspiration. The photo above is of Sophia Loren. I don't see Rosalie looking like Sophia but in this picture I do (minus the brown hair). My makeup look is based a little around this photo as well as the description and personality of Rosalie in the books.

Keep checking this blog as I will be posting the makeup draft drawing and products used in the movie Twilight to portray Rosalie Hale.

Love Jodie xoxo

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  1. yay!! rosalie!!
    you have facebook?! me too, what's yours?