Friday, March 6, 2009

Handbag Hook

Today I went to a Bridal show with my bride-to-be sister and saw this little stand selling all these really cool crystals and accessories and I saw this! A hand bag holder which I have been trying to find for ages. It was originally $30 but he was selling them for $15 just for the show so I had to get one. Its great as it holds my big heavy bags without a fuss, super sturdy! In the second picture it looks red but its actually the colour of the first image. 

Ok ok, if you haven't seen one already and are wondering what the point is to this then let me explain. Its basically a hook for your handbag that you carry around with you everywhere so the next time you are in a restaurant or anywhere else where you will be sitting at a table you get your hook out and hang it with you bag on the edge of the table. Some may think this is stupid but if you are a hygienic freak like me then you will love this, I can't stand having to put my bag on the floor. Also if you have lack of space its the perfect tool. Plus its super cute and you will most likely be the envy of all the other handbag owners in the restaurant =P.

So yeah thats it for this post, I just wanted to share as I was super excited about this purchase. Love you all xoxo