Monday, March 30, 2009

Me dribbling on about my weekend

All I can say is woooh, what a long weekend. Saturday I went to my husbands badminton tournament and spent most of the day driving back and fourth picking up my Father in-law, taking some friends who were with me down the street to pick up some lunch, driving to bunnings (all round hardware store with everything) to get a car carpet cleaner as I stupidly spilt a whole cup of coffee in the car on the drivers side grrrrrrr. I could never be a taxi driver! Driving is so trying for me. Then we had dinner with two friends at Saigon Restaurant in Northbridge and I had my usual fattening roast duck with plum sauce, soooo yummy!
Sunday I was in complete control of my Husbands restaurant as his torment proceeded into this day as well, and it was surprisingly really slow so the day just dragged through even slower. I had two workers with me and I had to send one home early which is very unusual for us as we always need more people LOL. Got home and watched a rental then hit the hay. Monday we got up a little earlier then usual and Nas (hubby) bought me my Ray Ban Wayfarers sunnies as a bday gift, then we rushed to my Fathers house for a bday lunch, then when leaving the most stupid thing happened again... Nas left a smoothie in the car and when I got in my super large bag knocked it and the whole thing spilt just like what happened on saturday. Only this time it was on the passenger side, LOL isn't that weird? We rushed home and I steamed both side in the car (I had already washed the coffee side twice but it still smelt) and it killed all the germs and odors. Man I love steamers everyone should go out and buy one! Anyways the day still ain't over LOL. Nas headed off to work to do a quick one off booking (he gets mondays off so I was pretty angry he had to go in) and I set off to my Mothers for a small family size dinner to celebrate my bday. Nas came later and we didn't leave until about 11pm. And now today I have a super messy house as I didn't have any time to clean up and Nas is such a messy bugga LOL. I feel so warn out. Sorry about my dribbling on about stuff you probably are just not that interested in. As for making videos, I'm not sure if I'll be doing one this week but if I do it will most likely be a random one sorry (aka not beauty related). For everyone waiting on tutorials I'm really sorry =(. I'm hoping to get my victoria one up soon and also I want to do a super cute pink one for my subscribers not interested in Twilight. I'm really sorry to everyone about just doing Twilight tutorials, I've just really wanted to get them out of the way otherwise I'd never get them done. I'm sorry if this post doesn't make any sense, I'm just really tired. Anyways I'll catch you all soon I got to go to the post office, then pick up something to eat and if I have time I have to wash the car (outside this time)
love jodie xoxo

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