Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Ghost Encounter

Ok ok so before I start I would just like to say that this is a true story of a ghost encounter and in no way I am saying or encouraging anyones beliefs. If you find this offensive in anyway then please just stop reading. The reason why I am putting this in my blog is because I have gotten many requests to hear my story and I would prefer to put it on my blog as I believe there will be too much negative feed back from others if I'd post it on youtube. Stress I just don't want LOL. Also you'll have to excuse my writing technique and grammar and I'm not the best story teller, enjoy. Oh I forgot to say that I figured its better to write this like an actual story from my perspective.

The night was calm and still, even the roads were bare as I sat in the back of my Mothers pearl sonata. She was chatting away to my Aunt, I couldn't recall what they were talking about as I was in my own world watching closely at the unusual tranquil streets quickly passing me by. We were getting closer to our destination which was my friends house where I would be spending the night. I felt a sudden jolt and it pulled me from my subconscious mind. The car had stalled right on the corner of my friends street. I watched as my Mother frantically tried to restart the car with my Aunt giving unwanted advice to her. I turned my head back to the window and saw the shrub that my friend had told me she had left a candle in a few days before, she had been playing the Ouiji board with others and had left in such a hurry that she forgot the used candle. Being at the tender age of 15 my friends and I often played such games, I always had a sneaking suspicion that one of us was always moving the glass. It was all in the name of fun. Turning my head back to the front still waiting for the car to restart I saw something in the corner of my eye and looked up to see the rear view mirror. In the reflection there was a girl, she was Caucasian, had long un-styled brown hair, a little overweight, and was wearing a dark diamond shaped strappy clubbing top standing in the middle of the deserted road. In her appearance she was very average, nothing strange about her visually at all except for the way she moved. Her arms were folded and she looked as if she was very mad and she was walking from side to side, however her speed was not humanly possible. In a way it seemed that she was floating in a rocking motion. The whole time I would blink and rub my eyes to refocus but every time I would look into that mirror she was definitely there. Finally I turned around to the place where she was but there was no one there, I turned back around to the mirror and there she was again in that mirror. Once again I turned around very quickly and she was gone. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, it was impossible for someone to get out of sight that quickly especially if they were in the middle of the road. At first I thought it was someone playing a trick on me, I tried desperately to find a reasonable explanation but nothing could explain this except one thing. Realizing what she was I hesitantly turned to the front to stair into the mirror again but at the exact time my eyes met the mirror the car came to a roaring start and she was no more. In shock I did not tell my Mother or Aunt of my spiritual encounter and quietly said my goodbyes as our car stopped on the drive way. After awhile I did confide in my friend and she believed me as she had also experienced an encounter but that is another story.

So thats as best as I can remember. By practicing the Ouiji board and leaving the candle (candles are very powerful when magically charged) it invited spirits. Also for a long time I had a sneaking suspicion that my Mum's car had something to do with the spirit. As we only had the car for about 1 week as of then and it was second hand. I kind of suspected the car may have been involved in some way of her death. Whether it be the cause of death or if she died in the car I do not know. I did eventually tell my Mum but she didn't believe me. I don't mind if you don't believe me are I do respect everyones beliefs. But I will tell you this before the sighting I was a little skeptical of religion and faiths but after seeing this spirit I have never doubted since that there is a higher source. To me this is god (whether that be in mans form, woman's form, mother natural, everything...)

Its something you will never believe till you have seen it for yourself.

Also I know everyone is probably curious what happened to my friend. Before I share this I 'd just like to say I'm the only person she has told and she only told me this because I had shared my story and that she didn't want to tell anyone as she didn't want people to think her to be crazy.
One night her parents went out and she was left alone (this happened within the same week when I saw the ghost). She went to the toilet and locked the door as she usually does. But then she started to hear something very strange. The sound was directly on the other side of the door, she told me at first it sounded like breathing. She thought it must be one of her cats but then it started to get heavier and quicker. She explained it to be sort of an evil screeching breathe. Then she heard a very heavy scratching on the door that would have caused deep scratch marks. She says this went one for about 5 or 10 minutes. But even after it stopped she didn't leave the toilet till many hours later when her parents came home. All the cats were locked outside during this and when looking on the door there wasn't a single scratch mark.

Once again I'd like to say that I looked away many times from the mirror and refocused on it at the time and she was still there so it was not a trick of the mirror and the view of it was in fact the middle of the street because I could see a far house at the end of the street which was directly behind me. And I also have perfect 20/20 vision.

I hope I didn't give anyone nightmares. To me this story isn't scary at all, I was more in shock then scared. My brother in-law use to be a spiritual healer in Indonesia and he has told me some pretty scary stuff.

I hope to get some videos done soon. Just got to wait for this stupid pimple to ease down a bit =).

Lataz Jodie xoxo


  1. hey jodie!
    i absolutely believe both of your stories!
    because, as you said "you will only believe me if you have seen one yourself"
    because, i too have seen one, well two.
    it was terrifying.
    i might make a post or a video about it.
    im not pretending or trying to copy or anything, i truly have seen two ghosts.


  2. I think both stories are really interesting, I don't find it a coincidence at all that you both had experienced spirits during the same time because although Ouija boards are sold as games, they really aren't they open doors to the spirit world and you never know what may come in. Your friend may have experienced something that was not so "good".
    Thanks for sharing! <3

  3. I'm a Taoist who also practices a mild form of Shamanism, so I'm in no position to think people's beliefs are weird. As far as the question of a god existing/not existing goes, I'm totally in line with the Tao- divinity doesn't matter specifically. LOL. I do definitely believe in ghosts (I have many, many personal experiences concerning them)!

    As a general rule, Ouija boards are just bad news. Period. I won't ever use one again- and I'm not a superstitious person whatsoever, I just know what has happened to me.

    If, for example, I'm really trying to contact a spirit, I use much less intimate methods. My fiancee and I do lots of "ghostbusting" (don't know what else to call it) for our community, if people ask for it. Our university has several haunted spots that we might tackle in the fall.