Monday, March 16, 2009

Pink Fish, Blacktrack & Falsies

Just a little haul from Monday. I went to MAC to check out the Hello Kitty Collection but I only picked up the Pink Fish Lip Conditioner, don't get me wrong I thought the collection was all great but I didn't love it. I think its because most of the colours are more on a cool tone and right now I'm going through more of a warm tone phase as its now autumn (I know I'm such a weirdo). The Pink Fish is a cool tone too but I knew this would look really hot with black smokey eyes. Plus I fell in love with the packaging. Anyway while I was at the MAC store I also picked up the famous Fluidline in Blacktrack. This was one of the first items I ever wanted to get from MAC but for some reason I completely forgot about it. I'm yet to try it out but once I've used it a few times I might do a video review. I also wanted to checkout some more eyeshadows and stuff but the counter was being put away so I was feeling rushed and just got these two items. After I left the main shopping area my husband and I went to King Kongs (its like a $2 shop) and I found these two fake eyelashes for only $2. They are by beauty essentials. Their rim's looks pretty thick but for $2 how could you go wrong? I don't think I'm going to use the latex glue that came with them though.
While I was in the city I did get the chance to check out the Too Faced Lash Injection. I smelt the formula and I personally think the citrus smell is nice and the wand is huge! Next pay day woohoo.

Yesterday was fun, Nas and I went to Jaws which has a revolving sushi train and we chowed down all the sushi, miso and japanese tea we could =). Just the thought of it makes me want to whip up a pot of miso soup. Anyways I better be off. I hope everyone has a fabulous day.

Jodie xoxoxo

I will be posting my spirit encounter on this blog soon, as I got quite a few responses from people wanting to hear my story.

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  1. Pink Fish is so amazing. It is sold out here in the US. I showed it to my bff one day, and she fell in love with it and begged me to hunt one down for her. Finally, my Mac store had them back in stock. I got two: one for her and a backup for me :-)