Thursday, April 23, 2009

Glitzy-Glam Order YAY!

Yay!!! I got my Glitzy Glam Key Chain in the mail today. I'm so happy with it. To anyone in Australia who is interested the Keychain was $10US and the shipping was only $5US which I think is a bargain. Some places charge over $20US just for shipping grrr. Anyways I got a zebra print on purple and a purple embroidered J. I'll most likely bring it up in my next video but here are some pictures for you all now.

Jessie Girl

Just some cute pics of my baby girl that I took last night. She's such a cutie! I love the picture where she is about to bite my slipper hehe she looks like a beast.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Twilight 2 Disc Special Edition + Bonus Disc

I got my Twilight 2 Disc Special Edition today!!!! And because I pre-ordered with Virgin I also get a Limited Edition Exclusive Bonus Disc! I'm so freaking excited to watch it, finally I can stop watching my pirated copy that cuts out the first kissing scene grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Its such a bummer that Australia was a month behind releasing this but at least we'll be among the first countries to see New Moon, that is unless they change the date. Its been so hard for me not to watch the deleted scenes on youtube LOL I did cave once & watched the biting finger scene but then I quickly stopped myself. No more money spending from now on! This was my last treat for awhile as I need to start saving for a rainy day. Talk to use lataz

My In's & Out's

As of right now

In's -
Finding cheap makeup dupes (hey the recession is either here or coming)
Starting a piggy bank for a rainy day
Bike rides
Dusk (candle shop)
NYX Lipgloss in smokey look
Cotton On Body (female underwear & PJ store)
Pink makeup looks
MAC Pro Palettes
Working out

Out's -
Spending way too much money and spontaneous shopping
Drinks filled with no good sugar
Being stepped on by people who think they can keep you waiting 
(coz they are lazy scam artists)
Messy House
Tigi Shampoo & Conditioners (I love this brand but my hair needs a bit of a mix up)
This weird middle of autumn weather, it still feels like summer. Bring on the 
cool weather man!!! 

Saturday, April 18, 2009

My Contest Entry - Ursula

Hey everyone I hope you guys are all well, anyways I have entered AllThatGlitters21's 30k Contest and the character I chose is Ursula. I thought it would be much more fun to do a bady as you can go way out with these characters. Anyways here are some pic's & please go checkout the video tutorial. Lataz xoxo

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Foundation & Brow Tutorials

New post. Part 1 & 2 of my Foundation & Brow Application =)

Our Trip To The Pinnacles WA

I've finally uploaded the pictures from our Pinnacles trip. My husband & I went with our friends Eric & Iris. We had a good time with lots of laughs. Longggg drive from Perth though. If I don't get any of my orders in the next few days be expecting a haul post & video LOL.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Upcoming Contest Video

Upcoming Contest and update video is now up =D. If you look to the right you will see the poll in my side bar so don't forget to vote or suggest.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Online Orders & Happy Easter

I have two orders that I'm waiting for that I'm super excited about. The first is from ShopCraze which I should be receiving soon and a keychain from Glitzy Glam aka Elle, Blair & their mum's online store that I ordered from yesterday. 
I have accumulated a few things that I would really like to put in a haul video but I figured its better to wait for my orders so I can do it in one big collective haul. I most likely will not be posting any video's or blogs over the long weekend so I would like to wish everyone a Happy Easter and to all those who do not celebrate Easter I'd still like to wish you all a peaceful safe weekend <3
Here are the pictures from my Victoria Bad Vamp look

Twilight Tutorial - Bad Vamp Victoria

Hello to all you lovely people out there, here is my Victoria makeup look. Its sort of a Rock Star look so even if you 
aint interested in Twilight you may like it =). Don't forget to vote on my Polls in the side bar.
Love Jodie

Saturday, April 4, 2009


In an update video I did about a month ago I mentioned that I might be doing a contest once I reach my 500th subscriber. Now I'm only 8 subscribers away from my 500th which is amazing!! Thank you all so much for your support. You guys are the reason why I make video's =). I am definitely planning a contest but as it has come up so quickly on me I've decided to announce the contest on my 5oth video instead. That way I can figure out what the prize/s will be and what theme I am going to do??? I can definitely say that it will be a tutorial (can be anything beauty related so its not just makeup) but as for rules I will let everyone know on the 50th video what they are. So heres where you all come in, I'm finding it hard to choose a theme and would really love to hear some suggestions of what you guys want to do. After all the last thing I want to do is choose something no one is interested in and end up with no entries LOL. So please let me know... Oh and I will be putting a poll in the side bar of some ideas for the contest, and if I get any suggestions I'll add them on the list too so everyone can vote. Thanks guys.

love always Jodie

Friday, April 3, 2009

New Makeup Storage

Hey guys, sorry I've been a bit slack lately but I'll be back in no time. Tomorrow I'm actually going to to try film my Victoria look so yay! I also have a few other video's I might film on the same day =). Anyways I went to Kmart 2 days ago and picked up this 2 drawer scrapbooking storage case on sale for $19.99. I really needed a new storage case for my makeup as the previous one was just too small and I really hated the A4 length of it. This isn't my whole makeup collection I have my eyeliners and such on the side and my mineral foundation still hanging on the side of my mirror along with my brushes. This is excellent for people with minimal space like me. I have no room in my bedroom for a vanity atm so the only place where I can store my products is on top of my washing machine grrr. I only put a few things on the top as it looks quite cluttered and squashed in this small space.  Also the trays and baskets within the draws are like cutlery organizers and peg baskets I believe??? I bought them from Target. If your interested in these cutlery things I think Ikea sell them as well, only cheaper and in a wider choice of colours.

Anyways I have to go pick up my hubby from training.
lataz xoxo