Saturday, April 4, 2009


In an update video I did about a month ago I mentioned that I might be doing a contest once I reach my 500th subscriber. Now I'm only 8 subscribers away from my 500th which is amazing!! Thank you all so much for your support. You guys are the reason why I make video's =). I am definitely planning a contest but as it has come up so quickly on me I've decided to announce the contest on my 5oth video instead. That way I can figure out what the prize/s will be and what theme I am going to do??? I can definitely say that it will be a tutorial (can be anything beauty related so its not just makeup) but as for rules I will let everyone know on the 50th video what they are. So heres where you all come in, I'm finding it hard to choose a theme and would really love to hear some suggestions of what you guys want to do. After all the last thing I want to do is choose something no one is interested in and end up with no entries LOL. So please let me know... Oh and I will be putting a poll in the side bar of some ideas for the contest, and if I get any suggestions I'll add them on the list too so everyone can vote. Thanks guys.

love always Jodie

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  1. Congrats... I would subscribe you 8 more times if I could LOL