Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My In's & Out's

As of right now

In's -
Finding cheap makeup dupes (hey the recession is either here or coming)
Starting a piggy bank for a rainy day
Bike rides
Dusk (candle shop)
NYX Lipgloss in smokey look
Cotton On Body (female underwear & PJ store)
Pink makeup looks
MAC Pro Palettes
Working out

Out's -
Spending way too much money and spontaneous shopping
Drinks filled with no good sugar
Being stepped on by people who think they can keep you waiting 
(coz they are lazy scam artists)
Messy House
Tigi Shampoo & Conditioners (I love this brand but my hair needs a bit of a mix up)
This weird middle of autumn weather, it still feels like summer. Bring on the 
cool weather man!!! 

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