Friday, April 3, 2009

New Makeup Storage

Hey guys, sorry I've been a bit slack lately but I'll be back in no time. Tomorrow I'm actually going to to try film my Victoria look so yay! I also have a few other video's I might film on the same day =). Anyways I went to Kmart 2 days ago and picked up this 2 drawer scrapbooking storage case on sale for $19.99. I really needed a new storage case for my makeup as the previous one was just too small and I really hated the A4 length of it. This isn't my whole makeup collection I have my eyeliners and such on the side and my mineral foundation still hanging on the side of my mirror along with my brushes. This is excellent for people with minimal space like me. I have no room in my bedroom for a vanity atm so the only place where I can store my products is on top of my washing machine grrr. I only put a few things on the top as it looks quite cluttered and squashed in this small space.  Also the trays and baskets within the draws are like cutlery organizers and peg baskets I believe??? I bought them from Target. If your interested in these cutlery things I think Ikea sell them as well, only cheaper and in a wider choice of colours.

Anyways I have to go pick up my hubby from training.
lataz xoxo


  1. I really need to get one of those storage units!

  2. I cant believe how organised you are. Ugh.. if only i could keep my mess in one place!

  3. hey hun, we've got the same makeup storage :)