Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Twilight 2 Disc Special Edition + Bonus Disc

I got my Twilight 2 Disc Special Edition today!!!! And because I pre-ordered with Virgin I also get a Limited Edition Exclusive Bonus Disc! I'm so freaking excited to watch it, finally I can stop watching my pirated copy that cuts out the first kissing scene grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Its such a bummer that Australia was a month behind releasing this but at least we'll be among the first countries to see New Moon, that is unless they change the date. Its been so hard for me not to watch the deleted scenes on youtube LOL I did cave once & watched the biting finger scene but then I quickly stopped myself. No more money spending from now on! This was my last treat for awhile as I need to start saving for a rainy day. Talk to use lataz


  1. umm just wondering i live in australia aswell and i saw you alice cullen make-up tutorial which was awesome :) but where did you get the necklace from in australia

  2. I didn't. I made it myself. I'm making 2 more to sell on ebay and will post a link & video when they are done.

  3. yay, it finally came out in Australia :-) good for you...Don't you just love it?
    I was so happy when I got mine...:-)
    Does urs have the movie with commentary? You should definitely watch it if you haven't already...It made me lol so much

    Hope you are doing great. Feel like I haven't talked to you in forever

  4. Ohmygod ur so lucky! Im so mad cause i didnt know u could preorder it and get another disc! Erg. Haha oh well maybe i can find it on ebay or whatever but oh yeah also i love ur makeup tutorials. Just thought id let u know :)
    ~lauren <3

  5. Can I know where do you get your copy? haha.