Friday, May 29, 2009

Project 10 Pan Challenge

The first time I heard about this concept I was immediately intrigued and wanted to take it on but I held off till now as I had to wait for the A Rose Romance Collection to be released. Now that I have bought all the necessities that I wanted from this collection I figured there is nothing stopping me now. So I have banning myself from purchasing any form of makeup and to make it a bit easier on myself I'm also throwing in a ban on hair products too (I have a bunch of nearly finished shampoo's and conditioners that just have to go). This ban will exclude hair tools both electrical and accessorized, nail products, facial skin care, and any other shower products or personal needs.
Since I started youtube my makeup ego has gone from hardly anything to an obsession and it has really effected my spending habits. Every time I have money to spare I usually spend it all on makeup and this isn't doing well to my wardrobe at all LOL. I think that this project is an excellent way for me to suppress my makeup urges and buy the other things that I have wanted but always pushed aside so my greedy makeup alter ego could have whatever it wanted first. I'm super excited about this as now I can get my hair done (about 1 month over due for a salon trip thanks to my makeup alter ego), update my wardrobe, buy 3 much wanted hair tools, and some other stuff I can't think of atm LOL. I'll try to update everyone on my progress. For now farewell my lovelies.
Jodie xoxo


  1. Yay! im glad you're doing project 10 pan. Its really :) but i cant wait to finish my last two things.

  2. I plan on doing this once the Naked Honey collection comes out.

    Good luck!