Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Review MAC Line Filler

MAC Prep & Prime Line Filler from the Colour Ready Collection... What can I say about this little baby? Well I chose to get this one instead of the Skin Refined Zone because out of all the reviews I heard on the Skin Refined Zone no one ever stated that it helped cover their pores, but I did hear quite a few people saying that the Line Filler did. So I got this one instead, and now here is my verdict. I don't love it or hate it and I think the reason why I don't love it is because I had such high expectations for it. It did however help my pore a bit but it didn't completely make them disappear which is what I was stupidly expecting LOL. So it was sort of worth it as there are plenty of products out there that promise to minimize pore and do absolutely nothing and this product isn't even suppose to cover pores yet it does. I think it may end up being one of those products that will grow on me in time until I love it. As to how to use it everyone says that you only need a small amount (its also a small tube so using too much will make you broke) and for those who have never used a primer you put it on before your makeup. I find that my skin really absorbs this product especially when I have a dry face (I mean not damp or wet) so I always make sure that before I apply it I put on moisturizer so the line filler can be spread evenly. As for wrinkles I can't comment much because I only have a few & I have been mainly focussing on my pores. In short here is my pro's and con's for this product...
Pro's - 
-Helps cover pores
-Works as a good primer under your foundation
-Only need a small amount
-Doesn't make my skin look or feel greasy
-The packaging is a squeezable tube so it's not exposed to the sunlight or air
-The size is great for travel
Con's -
-It's a bit expensive
-The tube is small
-Expires in 6 months
-The lid is more rounded then flat so it doesn't stand up well

Also just a quick update of what I've been into lately and that is facebook's farm town. Its a cute little game where you make your own little farm. To play it you have to have a facebook account.
Anyways my next video will be my 50th so I'll be celebrating by throwing a contest =) but you all will have to wait for that video to see what theme I have chosen. Love you guys xoxo

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  1. ohhh, I totally want to play that facebook game...I have 3 more days of final exams left, and I am not allowed to start playing any computer games until Friday (cause that is all I would do then lol)

    I will so try this on Friday...thanks for the info

    And yes, agree with you on the line filler 100%