Saturday, May 23, 2009

St. Ives Apricot Scrub

Well well well, look who's on a blogging role. Haha I guess I'm just in a really informative mood updating my blog this regularly. Anyways so as you can see due to the pic and title above this is a post about St. Ives Apricot Scrub Blemish & Blackhead Control. I'm running out of proactiv and money is a bit tight atm so I thought I'd try this. I don't really get pimples anymore thanks to proactiv and my MAC Fix+ but I still thought its important to get a product for pimples rather then one for normal skin even though my skin may not need it anymore. The reason why is because you don't know how your skin will react when changing products especially if your going from a pimple treated product to a normal cleanser that is from a different company (if that makes sense lol). So far I've only used it once and I must say it feels like a treat using it plus its not too fruity so your hubby or boyfriend can use it too. I believe the little beads/sand flakes in it are an apricots pip only crushed to make these small exfoliants. The thickness and texture of the actual cream is quite moisturizing and creamy so to protect the skin from the small pieces on pip taking too much off. Some people have said that they would only recommend it to be used a few times a week but I think that with a soft hand it could be used once a day no problem (except if you have extremely sensitive dry skin). It makes my face feel so soft afterwards but as I have only used it once I will have to update you guys on my thoughts of it in the next few weeks. Wish me luck its definitely a lot cheaper then proactiv.

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