Saturday, June 27, 2009

Makeup Starter Kit

New video. This was requested quite a lot and got a good amount of votes on the last poll I had so here it is.

Friday, June 26, 2009

A Memory Of Michael Jackson

Clipping from the second page of the West Australian 28th of November 1996. I'm the little one on the right and my sister is next to me. Our Mum was holding the sign for us.

Michael Jackson 1958 to 2009, loving Father, beloved Brother, and admired by millions. His music has made a big impression on my life and even though he has been criticized by many I have never stopped loving him. My sister is a true fan of Michael and she is absolutely devastated. But she and I will always have the moment when MJ himself acknowledged us. Back in 1996 Michael was in Australia for his History Tour so my aunty bought my sister (she was 13 years old) tickets to his Perth concert (I was only 9 so unfortunately I could not attend). On the day Michael was to arrive in Perth my Mum took Nicole and myself to the airport where we waited with other fans outside the landing strip. We watched as his private plane landed and he was greeted by one of the indigenous dancing groups in WA. He watched them dance while clapping his hands and tapping his feet, then once it was over instead of hopping into his limo he casually strolled over to all us fans to say hello. My sister had made a sign for him that said "Michael Jackson The King" it also had little quotes around it sending messages of peace and save the whales and such. He saw this sign and was so thrilled by it that it was as if no one had ever reached out to him that way before. He was so happy and gave us the biggest smiles while actually standing there for a few minutes admiring our sign. He started to walk forward to greet us but quickly retreated after he saw me getting squashed on the fence by the other fans around us. He looked at me with a disappointed look on his face and mimicked with his lips and hand that he couldn't come any closers because he didn't want me to get hurt (I was 9 remember). He then waved goodbye to us all and left in a shiny black limo. Michael Jackson really does love his fans and whenever I heard him in interviews stating that he was married to his fans I knew he really did mean it.

We love you Michael Jackson.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How To Look Older

to the request/question asked by Rachel in the side bar comments =)

You asked me to make a video on how to look older as you are 19 but look 16. I'm 22 and still get people thinking I'm 16 although the number decreases every year LOL. The key I believe to looking older is the same concept that more mature women take on to look younger... & that is matte. If you are young and want to look older you should stay away from most simmery & bright coloured products, if your older and want to look younger you should also stay away from most simmery & bright coloured products. I know its a bit confusing right LOL. This is just my theory though and I'm not guaranteeing this to everyone. Another thing you can do is ditch the gloss and go for a lip liner and lipstick either close to your own pigmentation of lips or darker. Dark browns on my lips tend to mature any look I wear.  As for making a video, I'm really sorry but I don't think I'll get around to doing it just because I have a lot of pre-teen and teen viewers and I don't want the video to seem like a way for them to look older then they are and get into trouble (sneaking into clubs, date older boys... and anything most parents would disapprove, we all know we have been there LMAO ^_^). I want parents to feel at ease when their children are watching my videos. Thanks for the request, keep them coming guys <3

New Video! Night Clubbing Look

This is the most common makeup look that I wear out when I'm hitting the town.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fashion Haulage

Haha please excuse my foot LOL. Just a super quick post as I have to be out the day right now. Today I stopped into Cotton and picked up two bargains. The checkered top/dress for $10 and the muffler scarf for only $7.50. I love Cotton, I have plenty of their clothes. Then I went to Forever New and bought this Beret on full retail price for $19.95. I can't wait to wear these =). Just thought I'd share.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Reviews You Want?

So I've just had a quick thought. Don't you hate it when you search for product reviews on youtube but nothing comes up sometimes? Well I'm starting to think that maybe I should start doing more reviews on products that not too many people have done. But the complicated part about this is reviewing products you will all like to watch, so I'm thinking there's another poll coming our way (LOL I love hosting polls)? So basically I'll go through all my makeup and skin care products and complete a list so you guys can vote to what you all would like to see most. Let me know what you guys think. Have an amazing weekend ^_^

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

OPI Done Out In Deco

Hey everyone sorry this is just a quick blog, I'm a bit busy at the moment but if I get time later tonight I'm really hoping that I'll finally be able to check my email (haven't done so for days LOL). Anyways I went to DJ to buy Do You Lilac It but they didn't have it in stock so I got Done Out In Deco which I think is pretty. I still want Do You Lilac It though so I might just have to get it online somewhere. I said I would post this pic on twitter so I will later =). I better go. Cya xoxo

Friday, June 12, 2009

My New Hair

Here are some pics on my new hair style. He cut it way too short which I was very disappointed about but I don't mind it too much. I just need to dress this style up with funky earrings or head bands & tease it a bit so it doesn't look too dull. I'm going to have to really suffer with split ends while I grow it out as I want my hair long for my Sisters wedding in March next year. Just thought I'd show you guys.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Big W Haul

On Monday my hubby and I stopped into Big W to get some stuff and unluckily I walked past the accessory department but luckily it was mostly on sale. Surprisingly I didn't go too over board but hey who can resist a sale? Mostly everything here was $6 & under. I really love Big W I always find something.
The gold toned round earrings were $3, the gold toned drooping ones were $3, the off toned white earrings were $1.42, the ring was $2.96, and the rose earrings were $1.90!
The hair clip was at normal retail price for $5.37 and both head bands came together in one package for $7.
This charm necklace was a bargain for only $4.46 (its really good quality too)
and this leaf necklace was the most expensive at $6 but even at that price its still considered cheap to me.
I also picked up a copy of Aladdin as it was in the Walt Disney Vault before now and I wanted to snap it up before I can't find it again LOL.

In Other News... I don't know if I'll be doing any video's this week as I have a big nasty zit on my cheek (thanks to that time of the month). Hopefully it will disappear soon so I can get some videos up for you guys. Lataz xo

Twilight Contest Winner Video!!!

A winner has finally been chosen =)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

TAG-10 Random Songs

Here is a fun non makeup related video tag

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Haulage/Hair/My Day

Today I had my car serviced so I had to wait around at a shopping mall for about 3 hours. Sure three hours is nothing when I'm on a shopping spree but it does get pretty boring when you don't have or have forbidden yourself from spending any money. The bad news is that I couldn't help myself and picked up a few things but to my defense I might mention that they were all bargains. I almost forgot about my Project 10 Pan challenge too lol and I honestly do believe that if I hadn't came prepared with a book to pass the time I would have broken it. After picking up these items I headed for a peaceful cafe (an expensive one so that no riffraff would come my way LOL) ordered an english breakfast tea and relaxed on the patio reading my copy of Wuthering Heights. The staff were so amazingly friendly and professional that I think I'll definitely be going back the next time I'm in the area. Also below is a picture of my HSOTD. Last night I made two platted in my hair so when I awoke the next morning I would end up with these crimps. After taking them out I teased my hair at the roots a little bit and then applied a little bit of mousse, hair spray, and serum to tame any frizz. I really like doing this hair style as its super quick and easy plus its a nice change from my usual poker straight hair. Just a quick note to everyone who is in summer now, you can add a surf styler to it and I swear it gives the best beach hair style look.
This is after I got home, about 4 hours after taking my platts out. I have very hard to curl hair so for this to stay in place is very impressive to me.
I saw this mickey mouse hair clip and I just had to have it (I'm a disney freak). Its gold toned with diamonties.
I'm super proud of myself for only getting these 4 things. The house socks are super soft and were on sale for $2.
This wasn't on sale but it was still pretty cheap for $11. I might add that I was a bit uncomfortable in the store as the sales girl was standing right next to me while I was browsing watching me like a hawk. But when a Mum lets her toddlers run a muck & tug on jewelry in the store they don't even worry. As if I look like a thief geeeeezzzz!! I see a lot more scrubby looking girls there then me and if I was her I would be paying more attention to them rather then me.
I got these on a major sale for only $3.90! Sure I know there are lots of stores that sell earring for $2 but these are by a reliable jewelry company so the quality is definitely there. These give a very simple elegant look.

These were a bit more expensive then the other earrings. I got them on sale for $6.60. They look like flat squares in the photo but really the corners meet up in the middle to form a small triangle. They create a very classy modern look.

lataz xoxo

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Konad & Update

Hey everyone, I'm super bored atm and thought it would make a great opportunity to type out a blog post. Sooooo uummm what to talk about... Oh I am extremely excited about trying Konad's Nail Art Stamping Kit after seeing xsparkage and petrilude doing videos about it. I have found a few online stores that sell it and have heard of a stall at the Wanneroo Markets called Butterflies Discount Cosmetics that stocks it (from a old forum post so they may not be there anymore). I also found out that this company (butterflies...) will be at the Every Women Expo at the end of this month. I'm really sorry I must sound like I'm really rambling on and going off topic LOL. So I don't know whether to take that long drive to Wanneroo, shop online or wait for the expo as I'm most likely going any way (The Face Shop is also going to be there so it will save me a long journey all the way to Joondalup). If your curious what Konad is and how to use it then just search Konad in youtube and you will find heaps of reviews and tutorials on it. Here is a picture of the basic beginner set I think.
Also as to how my Project 10 Pan Challenge is going... Not so well I must admit, I fear that I am having makeup withdrawals haha yes I know I'm so lame but I'm still trying my hardest. I also fear that it may take me awhile to hit pan on 10 things as I recently through out a lot of my makeup so most of it is brand new grrrr. However its very fortunate for myself that I included hair products as tonight I finished one product YAY!!!! That means only 9 more to go LOL. 
I'm going to be busy for the next three days but I'm really hoping to film a video/s Friday or Saturday. Don't been too bummed though because atm I am editing a TAG video thats pretty funny *cough embarrassing cough* so get ready to poke some fun at me hehe.