Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Haulage/Hair/My Day

Today I had my car serviced so I had to wait around at a shopping mall for about 3 hours. Sure three hours is nothing when I'm on a shopping spree but it does get pretty boring when you don't have or have forbidden yourself from spending any money. The bad news is that I couldn't help myself and picked up a few things but to my defense I might mention that they were all bargains. I almost forgot about my Project 10 Pan challenge too lol and I honestly do believe that if I hadn't came prepared with a book to pass the time I would have broken it. After picking up these items I headed for a peaceful cafe (an expensive one so that no riffraff would come my way LOL) ordered an english breakfast tea and relaxed on the patio reading my copy of Wuthering Heights. The staff were so amazingly friendly and professional that I think I'll definitely be going back the next time I'm in the area. Also below is a picture of my HSOTD. Last night I made two platted in my hair so when I awoke the next morning I would end up with these crimps. After taking them out I teased my hair at the roots a little bit and then applied a little bit of mousse, hair spray, and serum to tame any frizz. I really like doing this hair style as its super quick and easy plus its a nice change from my usual poker straight hair. Just a quick note to everyone who is in summer now, you can add a surf styler to it and I swear it gives the best beach hair style look.
This is after I got home, about 4 hours after taking my platts out. I have very hard to curl hair so for this to stay in place is very impressive to me.
I saw this mickey mouse hair clip and I just had to have it (I'm a disney freak). Its gold toned with diamonties.
I'm super proud of myself for only getting these 4 things. The house socks are super soft and were on sale for $2.
This wasn't on sale but it was still pretty cheap for $11. I might add that I was a bit uncomfortable in the store as the sales girl was standing right next to me while I was browsing watching me like a hawk. But when a Mum lets her toddlers run a muck & tug on jewelry in the store they don't even worry. As if I look like a thief geeeeezzzz!! I see a lot more scrubby looking girls there then me and if I was her I would be paying more attention to them rather then me.
I got these on a major sale for only $3.90! Sure I know there are lots of stores that sell earring for $2 but these are by a reliable jewelry company so the quality is definitely there. These give a very simple elegant look.

These were a bit more expensive then the other earrings. I got them on sale for $6.60. They look like flat squares in the photo but really the corners meet up in the middle to form a small triangle. They create a very classy modern look.

lataz xoxo

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  1. Hey Jodie,
    I know I seem to appear everywhere. Don't worry, I am not stalking you :) lol. I am doing a project on Australia (love it there) and I needed some answers from an Australian. Although I do have 3 Australian friends, its very hard to contact them, so I thought, Oh, I will just contact Jodie, the one from Youtube who does really good makeup!

    Here they are:
    Whats the weather like in Perth?
    Whats the most popular language there (besides English)?
    What is the time difference between Perth from LA/ San Diego, California?
    OK, If u ever have time to answer some of these, that would rock!

    Your #1 Fan,
    Sarah (pirategal456)