Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How To Look Older

to the request/question asked by Rachel in the side bar comments =)

You asked me to make a video on how to look older as you are 19 but look 16. I'm 22 and still get people thinking I'm 16 although the number decreases every year LOL. The key I believe to looking older is the same concept that more mature women take on to look younger... & that is matte. If you are young and want to look older you should stay away from most simmery & bright coloured products, if your older and want to look younger you should also stay away from most simmery & bright coloured products. I know its a bit confusing right LOL. This is just my theory though and I'm not guaranteeing this to everyone. Another thing you can do is ditch the gloss and go for a lip liner and lipstick either close to your own pigmentation of lips or darker. Dark browns on my lips tend to mature any look I wear.  As for making a video, I'm really sorry but I don't think I'll get around to doing it just because I have a lot of pre-teen and teen viewers and I don't want the video to seem like a way for them to look older then they are and get into trouble (sneaking into clubs, date older boys... and anything most parents would disapprove, we all know we have been there LMAO ^_^). I want parents to feel at ease when their children are watching my videos. Thanks for the request, keep them coming guys <3

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  1. thanks for the tips - I am 22 and I am always told that I look like I am 15/16 . I have a job interview next week and I want to look my age so I will definitely go with the matte eyeshadow and no shimmer