Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Konad & Update

Hey everyone, I'm super bored atm and thought it would make a great opportunity to type out a blog post. Sooooo uummm what to talk about... Oh I am extremely excited about trying Konad's Nail Art Stamping Kit after seeing xsparkage and petrilude doing videos about it. I have found a few online stores that sell it and have heard of a stall at the Wanneroo Markets called Butterflies Discount Cosmetics that stocks it (from a old forum post so they may not be there anymore). I also found out that this company (butterflies...) will be at the Every Women Expo at the end of this month. I'm really sorry I must sound like I'm really rambling on and going off topic LOL. So I don't know whether to take that long drive to Wanneroo, shop online or wait for the expo as I'm most likely going any way (The Face Shop is also going to be there so it will save me a long journey all the way to Joondalup). If your curious what Konad is and how to use it then just search Konad in youtube and you will find heaps of reviews and tutorials on it. Here is a picture of the basic beginner set I think.
Also as to how my Project 10 Pan Challenge is going... Not so well I must admit, I fear that I am having makeup withdrawals haha yes I know I'm so lame but I'm still trying my hardest. I also fear that it may take me awhile to hit pan on 10 things as I recently through out a lot of my makeup so most of it is brand new grrrr. However its very fortunate for myself that I included hair products as tonight I finished one product YAY!!!! That means only 9 more to go LOL. 
I'm going to be busy for the next three days but I'm really hoping to film a video/s Friday or Saturday. Don't been too bummed though because atm I am editing a TAG video thats pretty funny *cough embarrassing cough* so get ready to poke some fun at me hehe.

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