Friday, June 26, 2009

A Memory Of Michael Jackson

Clipping from the second page of the West Australian 28th of November 1996. I'm the little one on the right and my sister is next to me. Our Mum was holding the sign for us.

Michael Jackson 1958 to 2009, loving Father, beloved Brother, and admired by millions. His music has made a big impression on my life and even though he has been criticized by many I have never stopped loving him. My sister is a true fan of Michael and she is absolutely devastated. But she and I will always have the moment when MJ himself acknowledged us. Back in 1996 Michael was in Australia for his History Tour so my aunty bought my sister (she was 13 years old) tickets to his Perth concert (I was only 9 so unfortunately I could not attend). On the day Michael was to arrive in Perth my Mum took Nicole and myself to the airport where we waited with other fans outside the landing strip. We watched as his private plane landed and he was greeted by one of the indigenous dancing groups in WA. He watched them dance while clapping his hands and tapping his feet, then once it was over instead of hopping into his limo he casually strolled over to all us fans to say hello. My sister had made a sign for him that said "Michael Jackson The King" it also had little quotes around it sending messages of peace and save the whales and such. He saw this sign and was so thrilled by it that it was as if no one had ever reached out to him that way before. He was so happy and gave us the biggest smiles while actually standing there for a few minutes admiring our sign. He started to walk forward to greet us but quickly retreated after he saw me getting squashed on the fence by the other fans around us. He looked at me with a disappointed look on his face and mimicked with his lips and hand that he couldn't come any closers because he didn't want me to get hurt (I was 9 remember). He then waved goodbye to us all and left in a shiny black limo. Michael Jackson really does love his fans and whenever I heard him in interviews stating that he was married to his fans I knew he really did mean it.

We love you Michael Jackson.


  1. That was beautiful hunny, I cant tell you how much I cried and I am still devastated. He was truly devoted to his fans. Lovely Hun ^.^

  2. Aww that post was really sweet :)