Thursday, June 4, 2009

TAG-10 Random Songs

Here is a fun non makeup related video tag


  1. hi, I just wanna precise that I'm French so I'm really sorry for my English!
    Well, so I really like this video, it's so funny!
    You've made very good choices for the songs... and your playback is quite good lol.
    seriously I really love all your videos and especially the make up tuorial's one, you make a very good job!
    I'm a huge fan of your job so thanks! bye

  2. Hi! I share your music taste x)

    But for the last song, "I walk the Line", you have the copy from the movie (performed by Joaquin Pheonix, in "Walk the Line"), and not the original by Johnny Cash :) (if this makes any sense ;) )

    Peace and Love

    Sara (your Swedish fan)

  3. Hey Sara, I'm sorry but you are mistaken this is Johnny Cash. I have heard the Joaquin Pheonix one countless of times till it did my head in (my old work use to play it to promote the movie and soundtrack) & I can assure you its not pheonix

  4. Huh, I suppose my Cash knowledge is a bit old, I haven't listened to him a lot lately. Thanks anyway :)

    Sara (still your biggest Swedish fan)