Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Hey guys I may not be able to film any videos next week as I'll be working everyday and it will be too dark by the time I get home. I've filmed three today and will be filming some more in the next few days so I can still post videos for you guys. I'll still be online though so you all can see what I'm up to via this blog and my twitter account. Here is a link to my twitter account jodienas

I twitter quite a lot so it may be wise to create an account and follow me there if you want to get the latest goss haha.

In other news I went to the every woman expo last Friday and got two mascaras from The Face Shop (for college I may add, so that means I haven't broken my project 10 pan) and a french tip Konad Set from Butterflies Discount Cosmetics (for everyone in Perth you can find this store at the Wanneroo Markets). I have just filmed a review on this set and a extra konad plate that I bought with it so if your interested in my honest opinion about this product then keep and eye open for the video. I didn't end up staying long at the expo because I was still too upset over MJ's death and was very eager to get to my sisters. Here is some picture of what I got from the expo and also a poster that I made to put up on my car for MJ. I made one for my sister too, she loved it. It really helped her grieve.

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