Friday, September 4, 2009

China Glaze Review

Just a quick review on the China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Paint The Town Red and China Glaze No-Chip Top Coat.

So far I'm happy with these products although I must admit that I still prefer OPI simply because it has better staying power.

Here are 3 pictures of applying the products in layers

First Coat

Second Coat
Then topped off with China Glaze No-Chip Top Coat

China Glaze Paint the Town Red Pro's-
It dries quick
Not too thick
Is super shiny without a top coat

China Glaze Paint the Town Red Con's-
It starts chipping after 2 days
Its a bit translucent so two or more coats need to be applied
Its hard to get in Australia (I got them from Hair Mart which is a supply store that only sells to professionals and students in the beauty industry)

I give it a 6/10. I love the fact that it dries quick

China Glaze No-Chip Top Coat Pro's-
Makes nails shiny
Can be applied over the top of Konad stampings (I love it for this fact)
Is quick drying
Is easy to apply

China Glaze No-Chip Top Coat Con's-
It does prolong the nail from chipping a little but not enough I think

Over all I give this product an 8/10 simply because I can use it over stamped Konad nails without the stamp bleeding.

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