Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Diploma Shots

Hello, this is a post quickly showing you guys some characters I have created for my Diploma in Make-up Artistry Course. Since its going to be halloween soon I chose some more suitable halloween characters from my theatre section of the course. These are just a few.
Ancient Egyptian

Spiderman (Body Paint)

Face Painting (Tiger)


Clowns (I did the clown on the right)

Corpse Bride

Drunken Homeless Man

Evil Sorcerer

Old Man

We will be starting SPFX as of Monday so maybe in the future I'll post some gruesome pics of bullet hole wounds, shark bites, slit wrists, bruises... Bye for now

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just Dropping in (boring post lol)

Ok, just thought I'd drop in to update you guys. Sorry I've been MIA from the internet lately. I've been super busy and still am unfortunately, as I had an exam today (which I think I did pretty good on) and have a practical exam on Friday + I have to cram in some major hours to finish my portfolio which is also due this Friday. My husband has also been on a sort of holiday and I can't make video's with anyone around me. Hopefully I'll be back with some new videos soon. Thanks to everyone for their kind comments, I really appreciate it =).

Friday, October 9, 2009

Bella Swan Prom Hair Video

Great news!!!! My Bella Swan Prom Hair Tutorial Video is now up on my youtube channel. I hope you guys like it =)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hairstyle with a Bumpit

Yay! A new video! This is a hair tutorial I got requested to do after wearing it in a recent video. I love bumpits so much. I hope you guys like it.

PS. I will be doing my Bella Prom Hair soon as I got a new curling iron the other day <3

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My status on things

Hey I'm still here I just haven't had any time to blog lately. I've got some more videos coming with two already filmed and some more on the way. I was really scared that I may have to go on an unwanted holiday from youtube as a whole lot of stressful bad things happened all at once. My camera wouldn't let me film, then my back up camera wouldn't let me film and we down graded our internet to one that wouldn't let me even watch youtube video's let alone upload (coz it would go over the limit) =(. But everything is starting to turn around now thankfully with getting a much better internet connection and managing to fix both cameras. I still can't guarantee that I'll be staying on a good internet connection but for now I'm quite satisfied enough to blog to you all who are worried about my recent twitter posts on how I may be away from youtube for a few months, that everything is back to normal =D.

Also I know a lot of you really want to see my Bella Prom Hair Tutorial and I'm really sorry that its taken so long. All of these technical things happened to happen just after I posted that previous post so I had no way of filming or uploading it. To top things off my curling iron stuffed up (I can't film it till I get a new one sorry). But I promise that if I stay on this same connection that I will be posting it =). Thanks again for all your support, luv jodie