Saturday, December 26, 2009

DUO Adhesive Review

I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas had a fabulous time, I spent the day at my Mum's and we had a great time. Anyways now lets get started into this review...

I purchased the legendary DUO Adhesive (latex eyelash glue) thinking I would love this product compared to other lash glues I have used in the past, however after a few trials with this glue I have to say that I honestly don't see what others see in it. Don't get me wrong there are some good pro's with this product but to me the con's outweigh the rest. To simplify this review for you guys I have categorized a pro's and con's list.
DUO Adhesive
PRO'S (good) -
* It dries clear
* When stuck down it doesn't budge
* Its a decent size for the price you pay

CON'S (bad) -
* The opening is too wide and allows too much product to squeeze through, often the glue comes out too quickly and because the opening is so big it smears past the lash base and onto my lashes (false lashes) which ruins the lashes for extended use.
* Takes longer to wait for the glue to become tacky and even when it is it isn't tacky enough and so doesn't stick into place unless you hold it down on both ends (this makes application messy).
* When it is stuck down it really does stay however when the time comes to remove the lashes it is hard to remove. You have to really message cleansing cream or baby oil into it to remove it and this sometimes ruins the lashes for extended uses (lashes should last up to 8 times if taken care of except individual lashes of course which can only be used once). Also even after really applying baby oil (or something to remove it) I often lose a natural lash or two.

So overall my verdict is a big thumbs down however this product will get one more chance to regain its legendary status through individual lash application which I haven't tried with this glue yet. I have a feeling that this formulation might work well for individual lashes.

My lash adhesive of choice 'Lash Me Eyelash Adhesive Type 1' (below)

From now on I will be sticking to my Lash Me Eyelash Adhesive Type 1 (also latex). It doesn't dry as clear as the DUO but it does become a lot more tackier, it stays put and yet it's 10x easier to remove then the DUO. At 7g it is half the size as the DUO and was bought for around $8 from Price Attack so compared to the 14g DUO at around $17 from MAC it is a little more expensive if you do the maths (I hope you know your 2x tables hahaha) but only by a tiny bit.

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