Monday, November 15, 2010

October Favs 2010

Hey guys look who's back! Been a little longer then usual I know but I'm really pumped to get back into it as soon as I fix the issues I'm having with my camera's memory card =(. Long story short it says that it is full but it isn't, it should be easily fixed by the hubby though coz this has actually happened to me before. No huge deal but still its really annoying coz I was planning on filming a few vids that day I filmed the vid below. Anyways I do miss you guys especially right now in my life because I've been feeling really down and constantly worried about stupid little things that are doing my head in grrr. So I'm seeing that there might be a change in employment early next year depending on where I am mentally at this time. Man I love venting a little on my blog but I wont coz I do that enough on my twitter. Seriously sometimes I look back on my twitter posts and I swear I sound like a total emo! Not that I have anything against emo's, you guys have awesome hair styles and are actually pretty cool on your happy days hahahaha. Anyways if you haven't seen this video yet then please feel free to watch, its awesome coz its not just a beauty/makeup favourites video as I include other stuff too. Peace out cyberspace

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Follow Me Around

A day out with jodienas =). Watch to see what I got up to today

Monday, August 30, 2010

2 Year Youtube Anniversary

Just incase you guys didn't know I'm having a contest to celebrate my 2nd year on youtube! I can't believe its been 2 years since I started!!!!! Time really does fly. To view the rules please view this on youtube and see the information box underneath. Good luck

Funny Flash Back

Just some funny pictures taken when I was about 16 or 17. Since I was 14 my friends and I always use to hire out hotels and motels and just run a muck doing stupid things and they alway included dress ups (that hair is a wig btw not my real hair haha). This was a midnight outing to a popular Mandurah playground, we got plenty of weird looks that night.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Magazine Interview

Awesome news everyone. Like I said in my video I was interviewed about youtube haul videos by Shop Til You Drop Magazine which is an Australian holy bible for all things only to do with shopping, fashion and beauty, and honestly the only magazine I do buy. You guys can click on the images and zoom up on the article to have a read. Its about time Australia is finally starting to notice this online phenomenon!

In other exciting news as of the 27th of this month I will be celebrating my 2 year anniversary on youtube!!! So its time to celebrate with a contest. Stay tuned to my blog, youtube and twitter account for more information.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Help me make some NEW videos

I'm sitting here at the computer with a pen in my hand and a small note pad writing down video ideas. So far I've only managed to write down 4 ideas so I thought it was about time I did another post asking my loyal youtube friends what you guys think I should do? At the moment I regret to say that I'm not taking any tutorial requests as I have to do makeup practically everyday at work and I kinda need a break from teaching. So from now on tutorials will only come when I am feeling inspired to do a certain look (this doesn't include product reviews, I'm still up for sharing my views and honest opinion for you guys).

Anyways back to my list, so I've managed to dolt down 4 ideas and here they are so you guys don't choose the same things I've thought of...

1. Would you rather tag (makeup)
2. Starting my own book club thats more like reviews and stuff of things I've read or am reading, also a way of interacting with my youtube buddies and getting book recommendations from them for my next read... this isn't beauty related sorry lol but I really do love reading and I know it can be hard trying to decided what novel to read next.
3. Starting Tip of the Month again except I'll change the naming to "Handy Makeup Tips" or something like that for obvious reasons =D hehe.
4. and a What I'm loving right now, I haven't done one of these or the monthly one for awhile as my tastes don't change much in 1 month plus making these videos kinda makes my purse suffer as I feel like I have to get new stuff so you guys don't get bored with the products I've already shown you 10 times before =p.

oh and I just thought of one at this moment... a follow me around video, but I'm a little unsure as I'm a boring full time worker and I don't want people to see where I work coz you guys are potential STALKERS!!!! HAHAHA just jokes, but nah there are a few of you guys out there. I guess I'll have to do it on one of my days off when I'm actually going out somewhere, use might even get a "what the hell are you doing you weird youtube freak" stare from my hubby =o. We shall see. This will be very strange to me as my youtube life has always be a very private thing to me, I have never filmed any video with having someone in the house. But for now I'll just have to focus on getting my but to bunnings and getting a good light for videos, if this fails then I'll have to go to a special lighting store. Night night yall xx

Monday, July 12, 2010

I Heart Hats

Well hello blogging world, I almost forgot I had you so I thought I would post something and this something is about hats! I am currently obsessed with hats! Especially big thick warm ones (it is currently winter in OZ) and I'm thinking that I might do a video on the hats I do have (which isn't many) for any other hat enthusiasts out there like me hehe. I recently got this gorgeous russian sorta style hat that kinda reminds me of a pilots hat too and I'm absolutely in love with it (its fake fur btw). I have taken a picture of it but you will have to forgive my dodgy pj jumper I am wearing. Its simply too cold in my house right now so warmth outlooks glamour LOL. I also got another cute beret from Forever New and I got a picture of this too.

When I actually first tried this on another customer saw it on me and ended up trying on one too. I'm guessing its coz I looked awesome with it on haha I flatter myself too much.
WOW my eyes are huge is this picture, looks like I'm high on drugs but really I'm high on my happiness for hats LMAO!

In other news Jessie girl has gotten a hat too although I'm sure she isn't as happy with it as I am with mine.
She recently had a trip the the vet because she wouldn't stop biting her paw, the silly girl. So now she has been put into the cone of shame hahahaha. God bless this little cat, she really is the strangest cat I have ever come across and I wouldn't change anything about her. Except of course her biting habits.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Jodienas in da house

Aaah I'm a slacker I know, I tried blogging here like 3 weeks ago but when I tried posting it didn't go through =( and I spent quite a while making that post. Oh well you win some you loose some.

OMG so many responses for a Taylor Swift look. I know I promised you guys and that promise still stands but I never promised an actual date haha chillax hommies. To tell you all the truth I'm quite surprised with the amount accumulated for this look especially since taylor is blonde so on me this look will look more 50's coz I have darker hair. And I'm still not an ace at winged eyeliner so every time I do it it turns out different =P. But I guess the pressure is now on to ace this look, I will try my best. I'll be working everyday pretty much till next week (hence my MIA from youtube) so I'll put doing the tutorial on top of my to do list then.

But for now you will all have to do with an update/fashion haul video till then.

I'll post it here when it uploads. Cheers everyone

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Need your help

Hey guys, I'm so sorry that this blogs been a little neglected lately. As most of you know I have just started a new job so I've been super busy settling into that. If any of you were wondering I'm really enjoying it =D.

Anyways because I no longer have much spare time it can get a bit harder to film so I figured I would start filming a few videos every time I filmed (as I have been doing sometimes). However my problem is that when it comes time to film I can usually only think of a few videos to do. This is where you guys come in to help me, I need requests big time to help me get out of this video block (like writers block haha =P). I don't need any more tutorial/how-to makeup looks as I have a big book where I write down look requests and any tutorial ideas I might come up with. Also I can only ever film one tutorial per filming session as I don't want to be applying so much makeup to my face in one day. I'm also thinking that I may bring back my poll so you guys can vote which tutorial you would like to see the most next. My next tutorial is a Taylor Swift inspired makeup look as it is my most requested video (even more then a Bella Swan New Moon tutorial which is never going to happen, sorry guys).

Comment back with your requests or any other comments =)

I have my vanity (yay 'jumping up and down') however I still need to get a light up makeup mirror as the lighting isn't good for filming. I've been looking into getting the frame less conair one, has anyone ever used it? Anyways its about AUD$60 ish & I'm kinda broke right now so I've been a little apprehensive to get it just incase I found something cheaper and better.

Thanks for following me
much love

Monday, March 29, 2010

March Tip of The Month

My beauty tip of the month for March. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Hey guys, this post is going to be a bit different and a tad more personal as its kind of like a rant about a girl I know from my private life who cheekily posted a b*tchy status update on facebook after I updated my profile picture. This has nothing to do with my jodienas profile guys this is my private personal account that I can't share as
1. I don't want to share my full name
2. Only a small few people from my life know about my youtube account and for now I prefer it that way.

Anyways here is the status update she posted

Her Status Update
"Hatessss girls who Photoshop aaaaalllll theirr pictures. It's false advertising girliesss..get it together, there's nooo suntan, fixup, and erase icons in real life hunniii!!"

and here is the profile picture I put up only a few minutes before she posted the status above.

Now guys I have to admit that I do photoshop (iphoto to be exact, nothing as good as photoshop) here and there for the odd blemish I might get and any dark circles under my eyes. But in this picture I have not blurred any blemishes, scars, dark circles, shine, pores, lines, or added any suntan as she says (I don't even know how to do that). I haven't done anything to this picture except added more exposure (as it was too dark) and blurred the edges of the picture to give it a pretty effect (the blur doesn't touch my face). So in a nut shell without sounding like I'm bragging this is my skin (with makeup obviously) and this is with my professional camera too so it shows a lot more of my imperfections then my other camera. I should probably take this as a complement to my mad make-up skills hehe but it still annoys me that she would have the nerve to post that. Looking at the picture it does look like it has been airbrushed but I assure you it hasn't except for the exposure and blurred edges around the picture which I already mentioned, but if you look very closely you'll see that I have an eyebrow hair that is out of place and a spot on my forehead. Now if I was photoshopping wouldn't you think that I would get rid of those things? This is proof that with good skin-care, practice of application and using the right products and tools you can have gorgeous skin. Now here is what we both replied to each other in order.

"haha I love photoshop I use it all the time but on the new profile picture I just put up I only lightened it up and blurred around the edges of the photo. No blemish's or lines to blur =) yay to good skincare. But your wrong there is an erase icon in real life hun, its called makeup hahaha"
As you can see I'm very nice even though I'm fuming inside. I did give her the benefit of the doubt at this point though as she didn't directly accuse me. Until her cheeky subtle reply.

Her Reply"
"Noo nooo not u hunnii, girls that do it online to deceive people and you see them out and they are like a trainwreck.. Grosss!! Haha you have a husband and do it in the name of art =D"
Now I've been around the block a few times guys to know how a b*tch works and this one is one of the worst you could come across as she's also a cowardly suck up. First of all if she meant to mean "girls that do it online to deceive people and you see them out and they are like a trainwreck" she would have said that in the first place. If you read her first status again you'll notice she's talking about all girls in general not just the trainwrecks as she puts it!!! And another thing even though she denied that I was one of "them" she kinda went back on it and said that I was (however in a nicer way) "you have a husband and do it in the name of art =D". I bolded the "do it" to emphasize my point that she admitted that I DO IT. Now I have to admit that I do have a few pictures that are edited to an extent that they do go from profile picture to art and I do do them (haha I said do do) to express my creative self, and the fact that she implied that I'm not "one" coz I have a husband doesn't prove anything in her case. What if I was single??? Would I be classed as one of these girls she speaks of? Ridiculous and vicious! We both know that she is talking about me and thats clear as day.

From there I replied back again in a friendly casual way. I kinda pleaded my innocence to her claims again and joined her in the joke/b*tch about these so called gross trainwrecks who photoshop their whole appearance as if I hadn't I'm sure she would have seen that I was offend & I know thats what she wants. To be quite honest the only girls I've seen who photoshop heavily are actually gorgeous girls in real life and not trainwrecks.

"LOL I know what you mean. Nothing wrong with getting rid of a blemish but to totally changing everything is ridiculous. In some of my pics I've only gotten rid of the odd blemishes and dark circles under my eyes coz I'm tired and those things aren't even permanent but other then that & the exposure of my pictures they are hardly touched, except the highly contrasted black and white or saturated pictures which are more artsy fartsy =D. But you know what if it makes them girls feel better then go for it, let them have their fun photoshopping their f-ugly pics hahahaha"

I personally don't give a hoo ha if people photoshop their pics. Its done everyday in magazines and advertisements so really if she has a problem with air brushing she needs to be complaining to these big businesses and the media first. But I bet this hasn't even crossed her mind because really she doesn't care about photoshopping either just like me but unlike me she is just a b*tchy jealous girl.

Your probably going to comment "Delete her from your friend list Jodie, she aint no friend of yours" but if I was to delete her profile she would catch onto this as being due to her post and again I don't want to give her the pleasure. I'll wait a few months and then delete her profile out of no where.

Thanks for listening to my rant guys, it feels good to let it out. I must sound like I have a quite a bit of drama in my life but I assure you that I have quite an easy going life. Most people like me besides from the odd few b*tches who are born like that hahaha I think everyone has come across of few of those in their lives =D. I'll try to blog soon on a lighter note.

Love Jodie xoxo

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Don't Believe The Hype

I love this concept, its better then the Products I Regret videos as those can only include products you regret and can trigger negative comments.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick by MAC

From left to right -
MAC Creme Cup, BYS Sassy Salmon, NYX Strawberry Milk, MAC Pink Fish (discontinued), MAC Viva Glam Gaga.

Thanks to this lipstick and the fact that I've been really into watching Lady Gaga music videos lately, I've been going gaga over Lady Gaga hehe.

In this video I show you guys how it looks on me with a thin coat and thick coat as well as comparing it to other pink lip colours I have with swatches. Enjoy.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

40 Beauty Questions (answered)

Hey guys, I saw this on lollipop21's blog and also on other guru's youtube videos and thought I'd do my own. No video sorry as I tend to ramble on about things and so I would end up with a lot of footage to edit hahaha.


-How many times do you wash your face daily?
This summer I've been slack and have only cleansed, toned and moisturized my face once a day. I have good skin so I can get away with this but if you have oily skin and/or blemish prone skin I recommend you cleanse, tone and moisturizer twice a day. Usually when it cools down I get back into cleansing twice daily (morning and night).

-What skin type do you have? (dry,oily,combo)
At the moment I have combination oily but I use to have combination dry skin. My skin type changed when I started my make-up course as my classmates always used liquid foundation on me and this caused breakouts and encouraged excessive sebum (oily skin). My skin doesn't react well to liquid foundation and even after finishing the course months ago my skin is still slowly getting back to combination dry. I can't wait to get my combination dry skin back!

-What is your current facial wash?
St Ives Apricot Scrub. People say to use it 3 times a week but I use it every day for months and its hasn't irritated my skin. Just a make sure your gentle on your skin.

-Do you exfoliate?
Yep everyday.

-What brand do you use?
St Ives for my face and Lush's Buffy for my body.

-What moisturizer do you use?
I tend to mix up my moisturizers. Cliniques Dramatically Different Lotion, Clinique Superdefense SPF25 and my MAC Fix+. On really hot days I only apply my Fix+.

-Do you have freckles?
I have random little ones here and there on my arms and legs but none on my face.

-Do you use eye cream?
I ran out so I'm not using anything right now but I do recommend that you should start using one in your 20's.

-Do you or did you have acne prone skin?
I get the odd pimple on my chin now and again but thats about it. When I was 17 my acne flared and got pretty bad, I started using proactiv and that cleared it all up. Also I find that I get less pimples now these days when I spray MAC's Fix+ on my face after my daily facial routine.

-Did you ever have to use Pro-activ?
Yes and it is a good product. There are a lot of people who complain that it dries out their skin and I totally agree but its not an issue if you have a good moisturizer. If you apply your moisturizer after proactiv and your skin still feels dry you need a better moisturizer! I used proactiv for years and because I use good moisturizers for my skin I never had any trouble with it (no dryness or flaking). What really annoys me is that people forget that this is formulated for people that suffer from really bad acne so its common sense that it will dry out your skin. However I wouldn't recommend this if you have naturally really dry skin or highly sensitive skin.


-What foundation do you use?
Sheer Cover in Medium.

-How about concealer?
Concealer is very important for me in getting a flawless completion. I use two concealers.
MAC Studio Finish in NW20 for any blemishes or redness
MAC Studio Sculpt in NW20 for dark circles under my eyes.

-Do you know your undertone color?

-What do you think of fake eyelashes?
I love false lashes! However I usually only wear them for special occasions.

-Did you know that you are supposed to change your mascara every 3 months?
Yes I do. I usually keep my mascaras for 6 months though unless it shows signs of expiration (e.g flaking, smell changes, clumpy and dry...)

-What brand of mascara do you use?
My mascara is always changing as they don't last long. Right now I'm using one by Masquerade, its ok.

-Sephora or MAC?
MAC, although I dream of having a shopping spree in one of the American Sephora's. Even if Sephora came to Australia the prices will be super expensive (stupid Australian taxes and small population). I need to save for a US trip so I can get cheap make-up (yes it is cheap, compared to Australian prices).

-Do you have a MAC Pro-card?
No, but once I get my kit and business into gear I will.

-What makeup tools do you use in make up application?
Brushes of course!

-Do you use make-up base/primer for the eyes?
Yes, it makes such a difference! I use mostly MAC Paint Pots as well as Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

-For the face?
Sometimes, although I don't really notice much of a difference between wearing a primer and not. I used MAC's Prep&Prime Line Filler.

-What is your favorite eyeshadow (color or shade)?
I love Satin Taupe and its not because everyone else loves it. It really is an amazing eyeshadow. I also love MAC's matte2 eyeshadow formula.

-Do you use pencil or liquid eyeliner?
Pencil and gel liner. I find that most liquid eye liners sting my eyes.

-How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?

-What do you think of pigment eyeshadows?
They are pretty and I think that everyone falls in love with them at first but I have to admit that I prefer pressed E/S simply because its more convenient and I prefer mattes which is hard to find in loose pigments. They do look nice in my make-up collection though.

-Do you use mineral makeup?
Yes and I love it although I don't just buy mineral make-up.

-What is your favorite lipstick?
Right now my fav lipstick is MAC's Viva Glam Gaga (Lady Gaga). L/S that I commonly reach for are NYX Circe, MAC Creme D Nude and Benefit's Good To Go.

-How about lipgloss?
I've always been really into lip glosses but through summer I've only used lip balms and lipsticks. I recently learnt that it is actually really bad to wear lip gloss in the day (out in the sun) as it kind of act as an attractant to the suns UV rays and increases the risk of first degree burns. I still love lip gloss though and will probably get back into it when the weather gets cooler (aussie sun is just way too harsh in summer). My fav's include MAC's Love Nectar and all of Benefits Lip Glosses.

-What is your favorite blush to use?
NARS Orgasm.

-Do you buy your makeup on ebay?
I only buy those generic palettes from there (coastal scents). I would never buy high end make-up from ebay because there is a chance that its fake.

-Do you like drugstore makeup?
Yes to some brands, but most test on animals e.g maybelline, cover girl, loreal, rimmel... TEST! I like Revlon and Physicians Formula the best as their products are mostly high quality and they don't test on animals.

-Do you go to CCO's? (cosmetic company outlets)
Australia doesn't have one.

-Did you ever consider taking make-up classes?
Yes, in fact I actually did study in make-up and I now have my Diploma in Fashion Theatre and Media Make-up as well as my Certificate II in Make-up Services. I don't think its necessary to study make-up if you are on youtube, I mostly knew everything and could do anything already in the course (except for special effects) but it did build up my confidence a lot on doing someone else's make-up. Its very different from doing make-up on yourself. My lecturer was amazing too, she worked as a make-up artist on the first Lord Of The Rings movie and the first Narnia movie. I've grown a fondness for SPFX make-up and would love to get more involved in that.

-Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?
If I'm in a real hurry I can be. I hate being rushed when I'm putting on my make-up (its my me time ok so just let me enjoy this).

-Name a makeup crime that you hate?
When people wear false lashes too long (the band not the lash length). Most of us need to cut them otherwise they'll end up making the eyes look droopy and thats not sexy.

-Do you like colorful shades of makeup (lipstick,eyeshadow) or neutral ones?
I love colour but would usually only throw in a colour with dark smokey eyes rather then just wearing the bright colour on its own. For lips I'm a lot braver, I would totally wear a bright lipstick with neutral eyes on a night out. I'm loving bright pastel pinks and soft lilacs right now.

-Which celebrity always has great make up?
Keira Knghtley.

-If you could leave the house using just ONE make up item,what would you use?
Mascara, its amazing what mascara can do.

-Could you ever leave the house without any makeup on?
Yes, all the time. I think that its exceedingly important to let your skin breathe. Better skin means better make-up.

-Do you think you look good even without any makeup on?
Yes but only if I don't have any dark circles under my eyes and no pimples/scars.

-In your opinion, what is the BEST makeup line?
From what I have used I would have to say NARS, MAC, Benefit and Revlon.

-What do you think of Makeup?
Its my life. Make-up is so much more then a vain process women (and some men) all around the world take part in, its an art to me and it allows me a revenue to express myself. When ever I'm feeling sad it picks me right back up again.

Friday, March 5, 2010

In's & Outs 02/10

Time for another in's and out's post. I generally don't do monthly favourites videos as my fav's don't change often so doing an in's and out's on my blog is much more convenient =). I'm sorry that this in's and out's isn't focused mainly on make-up.

- Horoscopes. Over the last 2 months I have been really into checking my horoscope.
- Cooking Chinese food at home
- Matte eyeshadows
- Seche Vite (I love this nail top coat)
- Old fashioned movies like Gone With The Wind and My Fair Lady
- Dewy Illuminator for the body
- Autumn, bye bye Summer even though it still feels like your here

- Feeling negative
- Letting the laundry pile up
- Worrying what I'm going to do for my Birthday
- Toner (not because I stopped, I ran out and haven't had the time to purchase more lol)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

How I Store My Hair Extensions

This is how I store my clip-in hair extensions. I'm so proud of this as I made it myself. Enjoy

Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Video - Tip of the Month February

Here is my very first video for my tip of the month series I have started. And this one is all about false lashes =) enjoy xx

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chi Chi Eye Magic Instant Eyeshadow

Recently I won one of a 10 Chi Chi Eye Magic Instant Eye Shadow giveaway through the glossgroupies (aka Gloss Cosmetics/Ice Accessories Australian stores) twitter account. They often have giveaways on twitter and facebook. Click here for their twitter account Glossgroupies

Anyways I saw these instant eyeshadow strips quite a few years ago but I never got drawn to it as I thought they would make me look like a drag queen (no offense to drag queens, you sexy ladies are hot!) and I prefer the creativity in applying my own make-up from scratch. If I hadn't come across this giveaway I don't think I would have ever tried these. So I just tried these out after receiving them today and was very surprised at the results and how easy it really is. All you do is hold the strip to your eye and apply pressure (these aren't sticky or anything) then drag them horizontally off you eyelid. This one is in Papparazzi Princess and is more natural then the others so it probably is easier to apply then the other more intense colours but I haven't tried them so I can't be sure, just guessing. Once you get it down on your lids you can easily blend them so you don't have to worry if you made them uneven. I'm not too sure how much these are but I do know that you get 6 pairs per pack. Even though this did impress me I'm not going to convert to these as I said before I like the creativity in creating my own make-up but I thought I would share my experience for anyone out there interested. A large amount of my viewers are under the age of 18 so a lot are just starting out and I think these would be good for them too. For me personally I think these would be great in my emergency make-up travel kit as they seriously only take seconds to apply so thats where they are going =).

And now here is a shocking picture of me with it on. The eye on your left is the strip applied directly and not blended so you can see what it looks like when first applied and the eye on your right was blended slightly so you can see how easily it moves. You can add mascara, liner and maybe even deepen the crease to make this even better. I didn't apply anything else so you lovely ppl can see the raw results (I'm not even wearing concealer or foundation, I must love you guys heaps haha). Don't forget to apply a base or eye primer to prevent creasing.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Graduation

Hello guys, just thought I would post a little info and pictures from my graduation last night. If you don't know already I was studying for my Diploma in Fashion, Theatre and Media Make-up last year and we had our graduation last night. It was so nice to catch up with all my previous class mates. There were two awards for our class (about 18 of us) and I got one! For most improved and consistent in the class. Everyone also got two cute lips glosses and because I got an award I also got a big gift filled with make-up =). I was running late so I didn't end up curling my hair or applying false lashes, which I think I stated on my facebook and twitter. Here are two pics, and I may update at a later time when I get the professional shots.

Here's my gift that I got with my award =D

And here is a pic with most of my classmates and my lecturer Nat squatting in the middle (she's got a name tag on).
I'm wearing my foxy locks extensions, KuKu dress, diamond bling bracelet and droopy earrings from equip, and shoes from Betts.

You can't see it but I had blue and brown smokey eyes and I was really happy with it that I'm thinking I'll do a tutorial on it. Bye for now guys and keep an eye out for my tip of February Video soon.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Body Shop Banana Conditioner

The Body Shop Banana Conditioner is an oldie from The Body Shop in the 80's which was eventually discontinued. TBS has recently launched a new collection for old favourites called 'The Originals Collection" which includes the famous Dewberry Lotion and Shower Gel as well as the Carrot Moisture Cream, many other favourites, and of course the Banana Shampoo and Conditioner. I did not end up getting the shampoo but I am thinking about purchasing it as I am quite happy with the results the conditioner gave me.
I have to admit the main reason that drew me into buying this conditioner is because it has Banana in it. I've never seen or heard of any banana hair-care before and was kinda expecting this to smell like a banana smoothy, however I was let down in this aspect as it smells more like that synthetic cheap banana lollie young children love so much. I've gotten use to it now though and the smell doesn't linger in your hair.

This conditioner was love at first purchase however I wasn't very impressed with it for the first time I used it. It did its job of conditioning but I didn't notice any added shine or softness so as you will probably imagine I was pretty disappointed. Many would probably just give up and go back to their other conditioner however I don't like to give up so easily and I'm glad I didn't. So I tried it again only this time I squeezed out more conditioner then I usually would and when I washed it out my hair was so lovely and soft. When I had let it dry my hair felt light, looked shiny, didn't tangle as easily as it usually did, and was so nice and soft. I was so stoked with these results as my hair generally doesn't take nicely to very many shampoo's and conditioners on both the drugstore and salon-hair-care markets. I really do love this product and will be stocking up on more before this collection is discontinued. And now its time to rephrase everything I just said in a con's and pro's list to make it easier for you guys and also to add a few other things that I haven't mentioned. If your interested in this conditioner then get in quick before its too late.

Con's -
The smell
The packaging (only because the conditioner is thick and its hard to squeeze out)
The amount you get (I want more)
That its for a limited time only =(

Pro's -
Gives me shiny hair
Gives me soft hair
Doesn't weigh down my hair like so many other conditioners do
Helps against tangles
The smell doesn't linger in your hair
Its novelty (omg its banana how can you not be intrigued?)
If you have kids who you want to encourage to shower more often then this shampoo and conditioner will definitely help. Just tell them its the banana that the monkeys use to get their coats soft and silky.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Video Review - FoxyLocksExtensions

Hey hey guess who? Its the slacker who's so slack on videos hahaha but not today. I've just posted my video review/show and tell of my gorjus Foxy Locks Extensions!!! Stay tuned guys for my blog review on The Body Shop Banana Conditioner soon ^.^

Friday, February 5, 2010

Photo's of my Hair Extensions - Foxy Locks

Yay to extensions!!! I really love them! Here are some pictures of me with them in. These extensions are clip-ins 20" 100% Remy Human Hair in Chocolate Brown #4 (160 grams of hair!) from Foxy Locks Extensions, click here for link ----> .
Anyways if you want to read more about these extensions then scroll down to a previous post I have on them. For now here are some pictures of me wearing the extensions straight. When I curl them I'll post some more pictures for your guys. Lataz xx

Monday, February 1, 2010

TAG: Cutest This In My Room

Ok guys this is a tag that I saw on Imogen Foxy Locks Blog and just thought it was an awesome idea. However my room is really only for sleeping and storing my clothes and jewelry so really this is the Cutest Thing In My Home tag hahaha. So I tag everyone reading this blog too. After doing this tag I realized I actually don't have that many cute things anymore =( I am obsessed with Walt Disney so I'm a real sucker for all its cute stuff but I guess in the last few years I have taken control of that urge, although it is still there lol. Enjoy xx

This is an Owl my Mum made at scrapbooking and I obviously had to confiscate this as I love owls.

What would this post be without my MAC Pink Fish from the Hello Kitty Collection. What can I say, I'm a sucker for cute packaging. I bought this from MAC but this collection has been over for awhile, you might still be able to find it online though.

This is my bridal set from my wedding (first/main wedding as I had two weddings, lucky me). I went on cute overload when organizing this wedding and I ended up with a sort of Disney Princess theme lol. I even had disney songs through my wedding including Beauty & The Beast "Be Our Guest" for our reception entrance haha cute right? It seemed like the right thing to do since Disney has always been such a big part of my life. Oh and I bought this from our reception venue which I will not say. I'm sure you can find really cute ones online though.

I adore this little key chain sorta thing that came with a bag I own. Its leather and has the cutest detail. It was a gift for my husband so I don't know where you can get it.

A Barbie t-shirt I just had to get =D. I bought it from Target

This is the pen and stand that came with our guest book on our second wedding. My husband chose this one so again I don't know where you can get this.

These are bath bombs shaped like fortune cookies! The picture doesn't give it justice but its really cute and glittery in real life. These were a gift from my Brother and I don't know where he got them. Unfortunately I have had these for about 2 years now and haven't been able to use them as I only have a stand up shower and no tub =(.

Again here is another case of me being a sucker for cute packaging. Its a tampon tin that can be bought from most Australian supermarkets. I'm not too sure if it available internationally though. I like it because once I finish the contents I'll be able to reuse to little tin for storing small things like bobbi pins...

Have a great week everybody

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Earth & Body Henna Wax Hair Treatment

Here is my newest video. Its my review on a hair treatment that I love.

My Hair Extension Storage

I'm so proud of myself everyone!!! If you have read my previous post you will be aware that I got some new clip-in extensions but was a bit confused on how to store them. I came across an image online of an extensions case/wrap from Sally's Beauty Supply and fell in love with it. However Australia doesn't have a Sally's Beauty Supply store and I'm also quite sure nothing around me sells anything like this extension wrap/case I saw. I was actually really surprised how limited the market is (not only in Australia) in extension storage. I guess most girls keep them in their original plastic storage but that wasn't good enough for me and a bit of a hassle in hot weather. So I decided to make my own, this turned out as a better idea anyway as I think the Sally's one was for 18" extensions where as my extensions are 22" so it would have gotten a bit squishy. Anyways I would love to talk more but I'm super tired. For now here are some pics of my baby's new home.

The front WITHOUT my extensions inside

The front WITH my extensions inside

The inside of the wrap

The bottom close up of the detail

The top close up

They attach with velcro grips. Don't worry the extensions are safely out of the way plus they don't stick to my extensions anyway. Please excuse any little bits of fabric here and there as its a messy job working with material.

Side view of the wrap WITHOUT extensions inside

Side view of wrap WITH extensions inside

Then finally the open wrap with extensions

This was handmade so it did take me quite a while. Oh and when I say handmade I really do mean handmade, no sewing machine was used as I don't have one. Yes I am that crazy to do hand stitch LOL and thats why I have a sore back and a minor head ache hahaha. I've always had something to hand stitch in my life so I'm actually quite good at it. Anyways I am thinking that I will ask my husband to buy me a sewing machine for my Bday too so I can make more and possibly sell them to any takers. Obviously I will make smaller ones too since not everyone has such long extensions as 22". Anyways please comment me back if you think this is a good idea?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Foxy Lock Extensions!!!

Hi, guys I'm so very much excited right now as I got my Foxy Locks Extensions in the mail today! Foxy Locks is a company/website owned by a beautiful girl named Imogen who also does beauty video's on youtube (that is how I found her and her website, links at the bottom of this post). I was really intrigued by how many good reviews people posted about her extensions so I became obsessed and just had to have them. For the extensions she sells 120 grams or 160 grams of 100% Remy human hair clip in extensions . She also sells other stuff including lady gaga hair bows, false lashes and beehives. I think she has a good colour range too. Now onto my thoughts about this item, oh and I almost forgot to tell you all that I got the Deluxe 20" 160 grams extensions in Chocolate Brown #4. Since these are my first extensions EVER! I can't compare them to anything else for you guys and also since I only got them today I can't really comment much on them yet but so far I'm a happy camper =D. My first thought was OMG these really are thick! I mean you see others hold them up to show you in reviews and your like alright looks decant but I'm telling you now its only until you get them in your hands that you realize just have amazingly thick these extensions are. I bunched my own hair into my hand as if to make a ponytail and then did the same to the extensions and no kidding it was thicker then my own hair hahaha. After realizing how much hair you really do get I started to get a lil worried that it might be really heavy on my head but once I got them on I hardly noticed them. It says on the website that you should get the 120 grams for thin hair and the 160 grams for thick but I got the 160 grams besides the fact that my hair is thin. I got the bigger one as I've always wanted more volume in my hair without teasing and I tell ya these extensions have given me that volume I dreamed about. However if you are someone with really thin hair (I have normal thin hair) then I wouldn't recommend the 160 grams for you, get the 120 grams instead otherwise it might be a lil too hard in concealing the extension clips. So anyways I put them all in my hair (10 piece set) and to be honest I don't even need all of them in and I think that if I had gotten the 120 grams instead I would have been just as happy, although I must say that I am in no means regretting purchasing the Deluxe instead. The single clip ins come in real handy in blending any uneven areas on the top surface, I just thought I would mention this as I think people so far who have done reviews on them kind of underrate these little ones. The only problem facing me now is what to do about storing them? If anyone has any good ideas please let me know. I'm going to leave them in the original package for now, but I really don't like leaving it in there as its stinking hot in WA right now and so it kinda makes the plastic stick to the cardboard and so when I pull them out friction occurs and the extensions get frizzy from static electricity lol. I'm thinking I might make a fabric wrap that can be hung. Anyways I haven't styled them what so even yet as I haven't gone anywhere near my heated tools or even my blow dryer lately as its just simply far too hot and the only places I have been going out to lately is the beach and that doesn't require much styling (I'm being sarcastic, I actually mean no styling what so ever LOL). Once I do though I will let you guys know and I will also try to film a review on these foxylicious foxy locks next week for you all and even if its still stinking hot I will style them for you guys! ;) Man I could go on and on about this product but I better wind it down now and save it for another day.

Here is my new lover, it was slightly darker then my own hair but once I put them in they blended so nicely with my own hair that I couldn't even notice.

Here is the other side of the package with the GORJUS image of Imogen

Only this much plus a few more stands fell out. I thought more would fall out so I was pleased by this =D. This is normal for the first use because some hairs haven't been properly secured while being manufactured, its the same with make-up brushes, you'll always get a few come out on the first go.

& now the Before and After shots you guys have been waiting for!! =D


Boring dull fine hair =\

Thickness, length and VOLUME people!!!! However I didn't style the hair what so ever so I kind of look like a mermaid as the extensions had a kink in it from being folded haha but it I still think it looks amazing like this anyway. You'll also have to excuse the top I'm wearing, its actually the skirt I was wearing at the time of taking these pictures only I pulled it up as a top because the singlet underneath was too dark and you guys wouldn't have been able to see the ends. Next trip the the hair dresses I'm going to ask their advice on if I should cut the longest (the ones further down my head) straight as I like that messy layers through the hair then a straight cut for the bottom layer. We shall soon see. Anyways keep an eye out for my video review on this product. Please remember that I sometimes forget to post here that I have new vids up so if your not subscribed to my youtube account please do so =). Goodnight internet world.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Australia Day!

Its Australia Day tomorrow so I thought I would wish everyone to have a safe and happy day even if your not Australian. Here is an old video of mine that I made a year ago to celebrate Australia Day 2009.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Review Lush H'suan Wen Hua

Hey everyone out there, I've got a new video up and its my long awaited review on Lush's hair treatment called H'suan Wen Hua aka Hair God. I hope you guys like it

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Megan Fox Tutorial Now Up

My Megan Foxes tutorial is now up <3

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Megan Fox Tutorial

Hi guys, I have just finished filming a new Tutorial for a Megan Fox look. The video should be up either tonight or tomorrow. Peace xx