Sunday, January 31, 2010

Earth & Body Henna Wax Hair Treatment

Here is my newest video. Its my review on a hair treatment that I love.

My Hair Extension Storage

I'm so proud of myself everyone!!! If you have read my previous post you will be aware that I got some new clip-in extensions but was a bit confused on how to store them. I came across an image online of an extensions case/wrap from Sally's Beauty Supply and fell in love with it. However Australia doesn't have a Sally's Beauty Supply store and I'm also quite sure nothing around me sells anything like this extension wrap/case I saw. I was actually really surprised how limited the market is (not only in Australia) in extension storage. I guess most girls keep them in their original plastic storage but that wasn't good enough for me and a bit of a hassle in hot weather. So I decided to make my own, this turned out as a better idea anyway as I think the Sally's one was for 18" extensions where as my extensions are 22" so it would have gotten a bit squishy. Anyways I would love to talk more but I'm super tired. For now here are some pics of my baby's new home.

The front WITHOUT my extensions inside

The front WITH my extensions inside

The inside of the wrap

The bottom close up of the detail

The top close up

They attach with velcro grips. Don't worry the extensions are safely out of the way plus they don't stick to my extensions anyway. Please excuse any little bits of fabric here and there as its a messy job working with material.

Side view of the wrap WITHOUT extensions inside

Side view of wrap WITH extensions inside

Then finally the open wrap with extensions

This was handmade so it did take me quite a while. Oh and when I say handmade I really do mean handmade, no sewing machine was used as I don't have one. Yes I am that crazy to do hand stitch LOL and thats why I have a sore back and a minor head ache hahaha. I've always had something to hand stitch in my life so I'm actually quite good at it. Anyways I am thinking that I will ask my husband to buy me a sewing machine for my Bday too so I can make more and possibly sell them to any takers. Obviously I will make smaller ones too since not everyone has such long extensions as 22". Anyways please comment me back if you think this is a good idea?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Foxy Lock Extensions!!!

Hi, guys I'm so very much excited right now as I got my Foxy Locks Extensions in the mail today! Foxy Locks is a company/website owned by a beautiful girl named Imogen who also does beauty video's on youtube (that is how I found her and her website, links at the bottom of this post). I was really intrigued by how many good reviews people posted about her extensions so I became obsessed and just had to have them. For the extensions she sells 120 grams or 160 grams of 100% Remy human hair clip in extensions . She also sells other stuff including lady gaga hair bows, false lashes and beehives. I think she has a good colour range too. Now onto my thoughts about this item, oh and I almost forgot to tell you all that I got the Deluxe 20" 160 grams extensions in Chocolate Brown #4. Since these are my first extensions EVER! I can't compare them to anything else for you guys and also since I only got them today I can't really comment much on them yet but so far I'm a happy camper =D. My first thought was OMG these really are thick! I mean you see others hold them up to show you in reviews and your like alright looks decant but I'm telling you now its only until you get them in your hands that you realize just have amazingly thick these extensions are. I bunched my own hair into my hand as if to make a ponytail and then did the same to the extensions and no kidding it was thicker then my own hair hahaha. After realizing how much hair you really do get I started to get a lil worried that it might be really heavy on my head but once I got them on I hardly noticed them. It says on the website that you should get the 120 grams for thin hair and the 160 grams for thick but I got the 160 grams besides the fact that my hair is thin. I got the bigger one as I've always wanted more volume in my hair without teasing and I tell ya these extensions have given me that volume I dreamed about. However if you are someone with really thin hair (I have normal thin hair) then I wouldn't recommend the 160 grams for you, get the 120 grams instead otherwise it might be a lil too hard in concealing the extension clips. So anyways I put them all in my hair (10 piece set) and to be honest I don't even need all of them in and I think that if I had gotten the 120 grams instead I would have been just as happy, although I must say that I am in no means regretting purchasing the Deluxe instead. The single clip ins come in real handy in blending any uneven areas on the top surface, I just thought I would mention this as I think people so far who have done reviews on them kind of underrate these little ones. The only problem facing me now is what to do about storing them? If anyone has any good ideas please let me know. I'm going to leave them in the original package for now, but I really don't like leaving it in there as its stinking hot in WA right now and so it kinda makes the plastic stick to the cardboard and so when I pull them out friction occurs and the extensions get frizzy from static electricity lol. I'm thinking I might make a fabric wrap that can be hung. Anyways I haven't styled them what so even yet as I haven't gone anywhere near my heated tools or even my blow dryer lately as its just simply far too hot and the only places I have been going out to lately is the beach and that doesn't require much styling (I'm being sarcastic, I actually mean no styling what so ever LOL). Once I do though I will let you guys know and I will also try to film a review on these foxylicious foxy locks next week for you all and even if its still stinking hot I will style them for you guys! ;) Man I could go on and on about this product but I better wind it down now and save it for another day.

Here is my new lover, it was slightly darker then my own hair but once I put them in they blended so nicely with my own hair that I couldn't even notice.

Here is the other side of the package with the GORJUS image of Imogen

Only this much plus a few more stands fell out. I thought more would fall out so I was pleased by this =D. This is normal for the first use because some hairs haven't been properly secured while being manufactured, its the same with make-up brushes, you'll always get a few come out on the first go.

& now the Before and After shots you guys have been waiting for!! =D


Boring dull fine hair =\

Thickness, length and VOLUME people!!!! However I didn't style the hair what so ever so I kind of look like a mermaid as the extensions had a kink in it from being folded haha but it I still think it looks amazing like this anyway. You'll also have to excuse the top I'm wearing, its actually the skirt I was wearing at the time of taking these pictures only I pulled it up as a top because the singlet underneath was too dark and you guys wouldn't have been able to see the ends. Next trip the the hair dresses I'm going to ask their advice on if I should cut the longest (the ones further down my head) straight as I like that messy layers through the hair then a straight cut for the bottom layer. We shall soon see. Anyways keep an eye out for my video review on this product. Please remember that I sometimes forget to post here that I have new vids up so if your not subscribed to my youtube account please do so =). Goodnight internet world.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Australia Day!

Its Australia Day tomorrow so I thought I would wish everyone to have a safe and happy day even if your not Australian. Here is an old video of mine that I made a year ago to celebrate Australia Day 2009.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Review Lush H'suan Wen Hua

Hey everyone out there, I've got a new video up and its my long awaited review on Lush's hair treatment called H'suan Wen Hua aka Hair God. I hope you guys like it

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Megan Fox Tutorial Now Up

My Megan Foxes tutorial is now up <3

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Megan Fox Tutorial

Hi guys, I have just finished filming a new Tutorial for a Megan Fox look. The video should be up either tonight or tomorrow. Peace xx

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Taylor Swift

On my last post, I got some really cool ideas from you all and I urge everyone to keep them coming. I also got a few Taylor Swift requests which isn't a new request for me. I really want to do a Taylor Swift look for you guys but her looks are mainly about the eyeliner. As most of you guys know or have noticed in my previous tutorials (after my old camera) I have not showed myself apply eyeliner. This is simply because I am sitting on my bed with no table or anything to put my stuff on and I only have a compact mirror that I have to hold. For me to apply eyeliner I need both hands especially for winged eyeliner & I can't change positions as I only have limited space in my house and even if I did it wouldn't change the way I do things (I'll still not be able to show eyeliner). I have found a cute little vanity that I asked my hubby to buy me for my Bday (late march) even though I still have no space to fit it LOL, I'll figure something out. But by then I should have a better station for filming video's and I'll be able to finally do my eyeliner in-front of you all. So until then I wont be doing any Taylor Swift looks or any other winged eyeliner looks. I'm really looking forward to doing it though. I've actually recreated one of her looks already which I'm happy with (obviously not in-front of the camera). I just thought I would post this to let you guys know that I do really want to do a Taylor Swift look and that I'm not ignoring you haha as it is quite a common request for me.

Oh also guys I have an interview on tuesday (nothing to do with make-up) so please wish me luck. I'll try to do a video when I get home after the interview, unless I felt like I did poorly in that case I'll be watching Twilight, New Moon, Pride and Prejudice, or one of my Disney movies to make me feel better hahahahaha.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Have a Request?

Hi guys start sending in some requests for tutorials. I need some inspiration but please no natural looks because I have gotten so many natural celeb look requests but those just aren't fun to do (that includes New Moon Bella Swan look, its not going to happen sorry). The more you requests the more likely I will get around to doing videos.