Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Hair Extension Storage

I'm so proud of myself everyone!!! If you have read my previous post you will be aware that I got some new clip-in extensions but was a bit confused on how to store them. I came across an image online of an extensions case/wrap from Sally's Beauty Supply and fell in love with it. However Australia doesn't have a Sally's Beauty Supply store and I'm also quite sure nothing around me sells anything like this extension wrap/case I saw. I was actually really surprised how limited the market is (not only in Australia) in extension storage. I guess most girls keep them in their original plastic storage but that wasn't good enough for me and a bit of a hassle in hot weather. So I decided to make my own, this turned out as a better idea anyway as I think the Sally's one was for 18" extensions where as my extensions are 22" so it would have gotten a bit squishy. Anyways I would love to talk more but I'm super tired. For now here are some pics of my baby's new home.

The front WITHOUT my extensions inside

The front WITH my extensions inside

The inside of the wrap

The bottom close up of the detail

The top close up

They attach with velcro grips. Don't worry the extensions are safely out of the way plus they don't stick to my extensions anyway. Please excuse any little bits of fabric here and there as its a messy job working with material.

Side view of the wrap WITHOUT extensions inside

Side view of wrap WITH extensions inside

Then finally the open wrap with extensions

This was handmade so it did take me quite a while. Oh and when I say handmade I really do mean handmade, no sewing machine was used as I don't have one. Yes I am that crazy to do hand stitch LOL and thats why I have a sore back and a minor head ache hahaha. I've always had something to hand stitch in my life so I'm actually quite good at it. Anyways I am thinking that I will ask my husband to buy me a sewing machine for my Bday too so I can make more and possibly sell them to any takers. Obviously I will make smaller ones too since not everyone has such long extensions as 22". Anyways please comment me back if you think this is a good idea?


  1. Wow that is so awesome! I'm soo jealous, I wish I could sew that well! And that's so smart. And really cute, of course. :)

    1. cool right?! she's very innovative. no matter how many clip in hair extensions you have, you can always store them in those velcro container. this can also be hanged inside the closet together with the clothes.

  2. How do the extensions attach to the top of the case? Or do the ribbons just hold them in place? I wish I could buy something like this in New Zealand!

  3. This is fab! You should make living out of this..honest..I live in UK and it is so hard to get a decent hair extension case or if u do they are really expensive..Well done!

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