Saturday, January 9, 2010

Taylor Swift

On my last post, I got some really cool ideas from you all and I urge everyone to keep them coming. I also got a few Taylor Swift requests which isn't a new request for me. I really want to do a Taylor Swift look for you guys but her looks are mainly about the eyeliner. As most of you guys know or have noticed in my previous tutorials (after my old camera) I have not showed myself apply eyeliner. This is simply because I am sitting on my bed with no table or anything to put my stuff on and I only have a compact mirror that I have to hold. For me to apply eyeliner I need both hands especially for winged eyeliner & I can't change positions as I only have limited space in my house and even if I did it wouldn't change the way I do things (I'll still not be able to show eyeliner). I have found a cute little vanity that I asked my hubby to buy me for my Bday (late march) even though I still have no space to fit it LOL, I'll figure something out. But by then I should have a better station for filming video's and I'll be able to finally do my eyeliner in-front of you all. So until then I wont be doing any Taylor Swift looks or any other winged eyeliner looks. I'm really looking forward to doing it though. I've actually recreated one of her looks already which I'm happy with (obviously not in-front of the camera). I just thought I would post this to let you guys know that I do really want to do a Taylor Swift look and that I'm not ignoring you haha as it is quite a common request for me.

Oh also guys I have an interview on tuesday (nothing to do with make-up) so please wish me luck. I'll try to do a video when I get home after the interview, unless I felt like I did poorly in that case I'll be watching Twilight, New Moon, Pride and Prejudice, or one of my Disney movies to make me feel better hahahahaha.

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