Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Body Shop Banana Conditioner

The Body Shop Banana Conditioner is an oldie from The Body Shop in the 80's which was eventually discontinued. TBS has recently launched a new collection for old favourites called 'The Originals Collection" which includes the famous Dewberry Lotion and Shower Gel as well as the Carrot Moisture Cream, many other favourites, and of course the Banana Shampoo and Conditioner. I did not end up getting the shampoo but I am thinking about purchasing it as I am quite happy with the results the conditioner gave me.
I have to admit the main reason that drew me into buying this conditioner is because it has Banana in it. I've never seen or heard of any banana hair-care before and was kinda expecting this to smell like a banana smoothy, however I was let down in this aspect as it smells more like that synthetic cheap banana lollie young children love so much. I've gotten use to it now though and the smell doesn't linger in your hair.

This conditioner was love at first purchase however I wasn't very impressed with it for the first time I used it. It did its job of conditioning but I didn't notice any added shine or softness so as you will probably imagine I was pretty disappointed. Many would probably just give up and go back to their other conditioner however I don't like to give up so easily and I'm glad I didn't. So I tried it again only this time I squeezed out more conditioner then I usually would and when I washed it out my hair was so lovely and soft. When I had let it dry my hair felt light, looked shiny, didn't tangle as easily as it usually did, and was so nice and soft. I was so stoked with these results as my hair generally doesn't take nicely to very many shampoo's and conditioners on both the drugstore and salon-hair-care markets. I really do love this product and will be stocking up on more before this collection is discontinued. And now its time to rephrase everything I just said in a con's and pro's list to make it easier for you guys and also to add a few other things that I haven't mentioned. If your interested in this conditioner then get in quick before its too late.

Con's -
The smell
The packaging (only because the conditioner is thick and its hard to squeeze out)
The amount you get (I want more)
That its for a limited time only =(

Pro's -
Gives me shiny hair
Gives me soft hair
Doesn't weigh down my hair like so many other conditioners do
Helps against tangles
The smell doesn't linger in your hair
Its novelty (omg its banana how can you not be intrigued?)
If you have kids who you want to encourage to shower more often then this shampoo and conditioner will definitely help. Just tell them its the banana that the monkeys use to get their coats soft and silky.

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