Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chi Chi Eye Magic Instant Eyeshadow

Recently I won one of a 10 Chi Chi Eye Magic Instant Eye Shadow giveaway through the glossgroupies (aka Gloss Cosmetics/Ice Accessories Australian stores) twitter account. They often have giveaways on twitter and facebook. Click here for their twitter account Glossgroupies

Anyways I saw these instant eyeshadow strips quite a few years ago but I never got drawn to it as I thought they would make me look like a drag queen (no offense to drag queens, you sexy ladies are hot!) and I prefer the creativity in applying my own make-up from scratch. If I hadn't come across this giveaway I don't think I would have ever tried these. So I just tried these out after receiving them today and was very surprised at the results and how easy it really is. All you do is hold the strip to your eye and apply pressure (these aren't sticky or anything) then drag them horizontally off you eyelid. This one is in Papparazzi Princess and is more natural then the others so it probably is easier to apply then the other more intense colours but I haven't tried them so I can't be sure, just guessing. Once you get it down on your lids you can easily blend them so you don't have to worry if you made them uneven. I'm not too sure how much these are but I do know that you get 6 pairs per pack. Even though this did impress me I'm not going to convert to these as I said before I like the creativity in creating my own make-up but I thought I would share my experience for anyone out there interested. A large amount of my viewers are under the age of 18 so a lot are just starting out and I think these would be good for them too. For me personally I think these would be great in my emergency make-up travel kit as they seriously only take seconds to apply so thats where they are going =).

And now here is a shocking picture of me with it on. The eye on your left is the strip applied directly and not blended so you can see what it looks like when first applied and the eye on your right was blended slightly so you can see how easily it moves. You can add mascara, liner and maybe even deepen the crease to make this even better. I didn't apply anything else so you lovely ppl can see the raw results (I'm not even wearing concealer or foundation, I must love you guys heaps haha). Don't forget to apply a base or eye primer to prevent creasing.

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