Friday, February 5, 2010

Photo's of my Hair Extensions - Foxy Locks

Yay to extensions!!! I really love them! Here are some pictures of me with them in. These extensions are clip-ins 20" 100% Remy Human Hair in Chocolate Brown #4 (160 grams of hair!) from Foxy Locks Extensions, click here for link ----> .
Anyways if you want to read more about these extensions then scroll down to a previous post I have on them. For now here are some pictures of me wearing the extensions straight. When I curl them I'll post some more pictures for your guys. Lataz xx


  1. I'm glad that I have full thick hair and don't need extensions.
    Sometimes having lots of super thick hair is a pain in the butt,
    but I just can't ever imagine paying so much for some hair extensions.

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  2. I just ordered my first ever set of extensions! I ended up going with the same ones you did (which look beautiful on you by the way.) :) I bobbed my hair a couple weeks ago and HATE it- don't know what I was thinking. I can't wait for my extensions to come!!