Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Graduation

Hello guys, just thought I would post a little info and pictures from my graduation last night. If you don't know already I was studying for my Diploma in Fashion, Theatre and Media Make-up last year and we had our graduation last night. It was so nice to catch up with all my previous class mates. There were two awards for our class (about 18 of us) and I got one! For most improved and consistent in the class. Everyone also got two cute lips glosses and because I got an award I also got a big gift filled with make-up =). I was running late so I didn't end up curling my hair or applying false lashes, which I think I stated on my facebook and twitter. Here are two pics, and I may update at a later time when I get the professional shots.

Here's my gift that I got with my award =D

And here is a pic with most of my classmates and my lecturer Nat squatting in the middle (she's got a name tag on).
I'm wearing my foxy locks extensions, KuKu dress, diamond bling bracelet and droopy earrings from equip, and shoes from Betts.

You can't see it but I had blue and brown smokey eyes and I was really happy with it that I'm thinking I'll do a tutorial on it. Bye for now guys and keep an eye out for my tip of February Video soon.

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