Sunday, March 28, 2010


Hey guys, this post is going to be a bit different and a tad more personal as its kind of like a rant about a girl I know from my private life who cheekily posted a b*tchy status update on facebook after I updated my profile picture. This has nothing to do with my jodienas profile guys this is my private personal account that I can't share as
1. I don't want to share my full name
2. Only a small few people from my life know about my youtube account and for now I prefer it that way.

Anyways here is the status update she posted

Her Status Update
"Hatessss girls who Photoshop aaaaalllll theirr pictures. It's false advertising girliesss..get it together, there's nooo suntan, fixup, and erase icons in real life hunniii!!"

and here is the profile picture I put up only a few minutes before she posted the status above.

Now guys I have to admit that I do photoshop (iphoto to be exact, nothing as good as photoshop) here and there for the odd blemish I might get and any dark circles under my eyes. But in this picture I have not blurred any blemishes, scars, dark circles, shine, pores, lines, or added any suntan as she says (I don't even know how to do that). I haven't done anything to this picture except added more exposure (as it was too dark) and blurred the edges of the picture to give it a pretty effect (the blur doesn't touch my face). So in a nut shell without sounding like I'm bragging this is my skin (with makeup obviously) and this is with my professional camera too so it shows a lot more of my imperfections then my other camera. I should probably take this as a complement to my mad make-up skills hehe but it still annoys me that she would have the nerve to post that. Looking at the picture it does look like it has been airbrushed but I assure you it hasn't except for the exposure and blurred edges around the picture which I already mentioned, but if you look very closely you'll see that I have an eyebrow hair that is out of place and a spot on my forehead. Now if I was photoshopping wouldn't you think that I would get rid of those things? This is proof that with good skin-care, practice of application and using the right products and tools you can have gorgeous skin. Now here is what we both replied to each other in order.

"haha I love photoshop I use it all the time but on the new profile picture I just put up I only lightened it up and blurred around the edges of the photo. No blemish's or lines to blur =) yay to good skincare. But your wrong there is an erase icon in real life hun, its called makeup hahaha"
As you can see I'm very nice even though I'm fuming inside. I did give her the benefit of the doubt at this point though as she didn't directly accuse me. Until her cheeky subtle reply.

Her Reply"
"Noo nooo not u hunnii, girls that do it online to deceive people and you see them out and they are like a trainwreck.. Grosss!! Haha you have a husband and do it in the name of art =D"
Now I've been around the block a few times guys to know how a b*tch works and this one is one of the worst you could come across as she's also a cowardly suck up. First of all if she meant to mean "girls that do it online to deceive people and you see them out and they are like a trainwreck" she would have said that in the first place. If you read her first status again you'll notice she's talking about all girls in general not just the trainwrecks as she puts it!!! And another thing even though she denied that I was one of "them" she kinda went back on it and said that I was (however in a nicer way) "you have a husband and do it in the name of art =D". I bolded the "do it" to emphasize my point that she admitted that I DO IT. Now I have to admit that I do have a few pictures that are edited to an extent that they do go from profile picture to art and I do do them (haha I said do do) to express my creative self, and the fact that she implied that I'm not "one" coz I have a husband doesn't prove anything in her case. What if I was single??? Would I be classed as one of these girls she speaks of? Ridiculous and vicious! We both know that she is talking about me and thats clear as day.

From there I replied back again in a friendly casual way. I kinda pleaded my innocence to her claims again and joined her in the joke/b*tch about these so called gross trainwrecks who photoshop their whole appearance as if I hadn't I'm sure she would have seen that I was offend & I know thats what she wants. To be quite honest the only girls I've seen who photoshop heavily are actually gorgeous girls in real life and not trainwrecks.

"LOL I know what you mean. Nothing wrong with getting rid of a blemish but to totally changing everything is ridiculous. In some of my pics I've only gotten rid of the odd blemishes and dark circles under my eyes coz I'm tired and those things aren't even permanent but other then that & the exposure of my pictures they are hardly touched, except the highly contrasted black and white or saturated pictures which are more artsy fartsy =D. But you know what if it makes them girls feel better then go for it, let them have their fun photoshopping their f-ugly pics hahahaha"

I personally don't give a hoo ha if people photoshop their pics. Its done everyday in magazines and advertisements so really if she has a problem with air brushing she needs to be complaining to these big businesses and the media first. But I bet this hasn't even crossed her mind because really she doesn't care about photoshopping either just like me but unlike me she is just a b*tchy jealous girl.

Your probably going to comment "Delete her from your friend list Jodie, she aint no friend of yours" but if I was to delete her profile she would catch onto this as being due to her post and again I don't want to give her the pleasure. I'll wait a few months and then delete her profile out of no where.

Thanks for listening to my rant guys, it feels good to let it out. I must sound like I have a quite a bit of drama in my life but I assure you that I have quite an easy going life. Most people like me besides from the odd few b*tches who are born like that hahaha I think everyone has come across of few of those in their lives =D. I'll try to blog soon on a lighter note.

Love Jodie xoxo

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