Thursday, April 15, 2010

Need your help

Hey guys, I'm so sorry that this blogs been a little neglected lately. As most of you know I have just started a new job so I've been super busy settling into that. If any of you were wondering I'm really enjoying it =D.

Anyways because I no longer have much spare time it can get a bit harder to film so I figured I would start filming a few videos every time I filmed (as I have been doing sometimes). However my problem is that when it comes time to film I can usually only think of a few videos to do. This is where you guys come in to help me, I need requests big time to help me get out of this video block (like writers block haha =P). I don't need any more tutorial/how-to makeup looks as I have a big book where I write down look requests and any tutorial ideas I might come up with. Also I can only ever film one tutorial per filming session as I don't want to be applying so much makeup to my face in one day. I'm also thinking that I may bring back my poll so you guys can vote which tutorial you would like to see the most next. My next tutorial is a Taylor Swift inspired makeup look as it is my most requested video (even more then a Bella Swan New Moon tutorial which is never going to happen, sorry guys).

Comment back with your requests or any other comments =)

I have my vanity (yay 'jumping up and down') however I still need to get a light up makeup mirror as the lighting isn't good for filming. I've been looking into getting the frame less conair one, has anyone ever used it? Anyways its about AUD$60 ish & I'm kinda broke right now so I've been a little apprehensive to get it just incase I found something cheaper and better.

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