Friday, June 18, 2010

Jodienas in da house

Aaah I'm a slacker I know, I tried blogging here like 3 weeks ago but when I tried posting it didn't go through =( and I spent quite a while making that post. Oh well you win some you loose some.

OMG so many responses for a Taylor Swift look. I know I promised you guys and that promise still stands but I never promised an actual date haha chillax hommies. To tell you all the truth I'm quite surprised with the amount accumulated for this look especially since taylor is blonde so on me this look will look more 50's coz I have darker hair. And I'm still not an ace at winged eyeliner so every time I do it it turns out different =P. But I guess the pressure is now on to ace this look, I will try my best. I'll be working everyday pretty much till next week (hence my MIA from youtube) so I'll put doing the tutorial on top of my to do list then.

But for now you will all have to do with an update/fashion haul video till then.

I'll post it here when it uploads. Cheers everyone