Monday, July 12, 2010

I Heart Hats

Well hello blogging world, I almost forgot I had you so I thought I would post something and this something is about hats! I am currently obsessed with hats! Especially big thick warm ones (it is currently winter in OZ) and I'm thinking that I might do a video on the hats I do have (which isn't many) for any other hat enthusiasts out there like me hehe. I recently got this gorgeous russian sorta style hat that kinda reminds me of a pilots hat too and I'm absolutely in love with it (its fake fur btw). I have taken a picture of it but you will have to forgive my dodgy pj jumper I am wearing. Its simply too cold in my house right now so warmth outlooks glamour LOL. I also got another cute beret from Forever New and I got a picture of this too.

When I actually first tried this on another customer saw it on me and ended up trying on one too. I'm guessing its coz I looked awesome with it on haha I flatter myself too much.
WOW my eyes are huge is this picture, looks like I'm high on drugs but really I'm high on my happiness for hats LMAO!

In other news Jessie girl has gotten a hat too although I'm sure she isn't as happy with it as I am with mine.
She recently had a trip the the vet because she wouldn't stop biting her paw, the silly girl. So now she has been put into the cone of shame hahahaha. God bless this little cat, she really is the strangest cat I have ever come across and I wouldn't change anything about her. Except of course her biting habits.