Friday, August 6, 2010

Help me make some NEW videos

I'm sitting here at the computer with a pen in my hand and a small note pad writing down video ideas. So far I've only managed to write down 4 ideas so I thought it was about time I did another post asking my loyal youtube friends what you guys think I should do? At the moment I regret to say that I'm not taking any tutorial requests as I have to do makeup practically everyday at work and I kinda need a break from teaching. So from now on tutorials will only come when I am feeling inspired to do a certain look (this doesn't include product reviews, I'm still up for sharing my views and honest opinion for you guys).

Anyways back to my list, so I've managed to dolt down 4 ideas and here they are so you guys don't choose the same things I've thought of...

1. Would you rather tag (makeup)
2. Starting my own book club thats more like reviews and stuff of things I've read or am reading, also a way of interacting with my youtube buddies and getting book recommendations from them for my next read... this isn't beauty related sorry lol but I really do love reading and I know it can be hard trying to decided what novel to read next.
3. Starting Tip of the Month again except I'll change the naming to "Handy Makeup Tips" or something like that for obvious reasons =D hehe.
4. and a What I'm loving right now, I haven't done one of these or the monthly one for awhile as my tastes don't change much in 1 month plus making these videos kinda makes my purse suffer as I feel like I have to get new stuff so you guys don't get bored with the products I've already shown you 10 times before =p.

oh and I just thought of one at this moment... a follow me around video, but I'm a little unsure as I'm a boring full time worker and I don't want people to see where I work coz you guys are potential STALKERS!!!! HAHAHA just jokes, but nah there are a few of you guys out there. I guess I'll have to do it on one of my days off when I'm actually going out somewhere, use might even get a "what the hell are you doing you weird youtube freak" stare from my hubby =o. We shall see. This will be very strange to me as my youtube life has always be a very private thing to me, I have never filmed any video with having someone in the house. But for now I'll just have to focus on getting my but to bunnings and getting a good light for videos, if this fails then I'll have to go to a special lighting store. Night night yall xx

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