Monday, November 15, 2010

October Favs 2010

Hey guys look who's back! Been a little longer then usual I know but I'm really pumped to get back into it as soon as I fix the issues I'm having with my camera's memory card =(. Long story short it says that it is full but it isn't, it should be easily fixed by the hubby though coz this has actually happened to me before. No huge deal but still its really annoying coz I was planning on filming a few vids that day I filmed the vid below. Anyways I do miss you guys especially right now in my life because I've been feeling really down and constantly worried about stupid little things that are doing my head in grrr. So I'm seeing that there might be a change in employment early next year depending on where I am mentally at this time. Man I love venting a little on my blog but I wont coz I do that enough on my twitter. Seriously sometimes I look back on my twitter posts and I swear I sound like a total emo! Not that I have anything against emo's, you guys have awesome hair styles and are actually pretty cool on your happy days hahahaha. Anyways if you haven't seen this video yet then please feel free to watch, its awesome coz its not just a beauty/makeup favourites video as I include other stuff too. Peace out cyberspace